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By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   Last week's meeting of the Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association lasted only an hour, rather than the usual two, but a lot was accomplished.
   During public input, resident John Williams expressed concern over the lack of follow-up information to the posting on the Ranch website Dec. 5. The posting said that the mail postal cluster boxes at Panorama Circle had been totally destroyed by a vehicle crashing into them and knocking them off their pedestals.
   Fortunately, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department deputy James Shevlin's investigation was able to identify the driver, a Ranch resident, and apprehend him at his home, where he was cited on several driving counts.
   Ranch maintenance supervisor Mike Knoke is negotiating a settlement with the driver's insurance company. In the meantime, Knoke ordered replacement cluster boxes and had his crew repair or replace the pedestals on which they rested.
   A new posting on last Thursday announced that keys were available to the restored clusters and mail could be picked up again at the same corner on Panorama Circle.
   It was a remarkably swift recovery from a crash that obliterated the site and postal boxes roughly two weeks prior to their being back in service. Knoke and his crew deserve the praise they are receiving, as does Shevlin who tracked down the perpetrator.
   Williams may have been accurate that updates to the public during the restoration process were inadequate, but as the saying goes "all's well that ends well."
   Next, the board passed a motion to make an exception to commercial zone covenants, conditions and restrictions and allow partially disabled, armed forces veteran Anthony Richards to keep his service horses and dogs on property that goes with the house he has rented in the commercial zone.
   Vice president Kit Henderson stressed that this is a one-time exception, and would not set a precedent for similar exceptions in the future.
   Richards had encountered great difficulty in locating a home he could afford to rent with space where he could shelter his animals. He needs them close by for therapy and transportation.
   The single home and property he located in the commercial zone was the only one he could find. The board originally was concerned that granting an exception to the zone bylaws would result in a flood of similar requests.
   As a partially disabled veteran, who is short on funds, Richards convinced them to take the risk.
   Next the board passed a motion to accept the Ranch Architectural Committee's recommended modifications to the Ranch sign policy. Draft minutes posted on the Ranch website didn't specify what the changes were.
   The draft minutes also did not specify what three changes to section III of the policy and procedures handbook were accepted by the board, give any hint about changes in the proposed fee schedule for fiscal 2014 submitted by Treasurer Herb Parker, nor a count of how many surveys Ranchers had turned in. Henderson did report "a lot of feedback" so far.
   The board also approved appointment of Nancy Popp, Sheila Cisneros, and Mona Steinburg to the Ranch Publicity Committee; Barbara McCurdy, Steve Miller and Carol Folk to the CC&R Review Committee; plus Linda Bengston to the Budget/Audit Committee. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
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