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by: Submitted Photo - Kibak Christmas ornaments at the White House.

   Kibak Tile, a ceramic tile manufacturer based in Redmond, was selected to manufacture the ceramic tiles and ornaments used in the 2012 White House Holiday decorations that First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled last week.
   Specifically, Kibak manufactured 3 1/2-inch circle ceramic ornaments, as well as 8-inch square and 18-inch square tiles used in planter boxes on display at the White House this holiday season.
   It is estimated that more than 90,000 visitors to the White House will see the creations over the next month.
   The decorations were designed by award-winning Chicago-based artist David Lee Csicsko, who also designed stained glass windows, planter boxes and outdoor sculptures for display at the White House this season.
   Csicsko selected a variety of artisan friends to bring the handcrafted pieces to life, including Susanne Redfield, Kibak's founder.
   "We are blown away to have been selected to participate in this project," Redfield said. "It's truly an honor to have our work recognized in this way."
   Kibak Tile is one of a number of companies owned in part by the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs, through its business entity, Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation (doing business as Warm Springs Ventures).
   Using this funding vehicle, the tribes utilize revenues generated through other tribal-owned businesses to provide venture capital, direct investments, mergers and acquisitions, and advisory assistance to a variety of enterprises both on and off reservation.
   Kibak Tile designs and manufactures its own ceramic tiles, as well as providing contract manufacturing services for a number of major players in the tile business, including Ann Sacks Tile and Stone and several others.
   For the White House decorations, Kibak manufactured more than 200 of the 3 1/2-inch circle ceramic ornaments and 28 square tiles utilized in the planter boxes Csicsko designed.
   A limited quantity of over-runs were produced and are available for purchase exclusively at
   Kibak employs nine artisans at its Redmond, manufacturing facility. More than half its business derives from contract manufacturing arrangements, producing hand-painted tiles designed and sold by other artists and tile distributors.
   A variety of Kibak-designed lines, available through independent dealers and distributors throughout the U.S, can be seen at
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