Letters to Santa

(See special section in The Pioneer for the rest of the letters)

by:  - Merry Christmas!

The Pioneer sent these letters to Santa via email last week:
   Cindy Dix's First Grade
   Culver Elementary
   Dear Santa:
   How are your elves doing at the north pole? Can I ples have a cendl for crismis and I will lev coces for you.
   Love Ty Nanez
   Dear Santa,
   How is miss is Clause doing? I will lev you cookies and some carrots for your reindeer. I wood like some lego frends. Thank you.
   Love Emma Orey
   Dear Santa,
   How is you deears doing? Wood you ples giv me a ipod and my own 3DS ples and a big Barbie. I love you. I love you. My krissmis list.
   Love Paige Whitefield
   Dear Santa,
   How are your reindeer? How are your elves? Would you please bring me a xbox360 also an game called call of duty black ops. I will make you cookies.
   Love Westin Alps
   Dear Santa,
   How are your raddeers? How are your elves? I wot to have a lava lamp. Can I have a remote control tank?
   Love Jadon Alire
   Dear Santa,
   How are your elves? I wish you have nis Christmas. I wud like a Frbe and a bounce Tigger and I love you, Santa.
   Love Kaiden Tollman
   Dear Santa,
   How are you doing? How is the elfins? I wont a 3DS. I also wont a toy robot. I also wont a swim poll. I also wont a cat. I also a dog. Thank you.
   Love Trever Smith
   Dear Santa,
   How are your reindeer? I wont a helmet with spikes and orange bick, nrf gun and a angrybirds, starwars wiiu, and hot wheels cars.
   Love Alejandro Gonzalez
   Dear Santa,
   How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I wish you could bring me an ipad, a smart phone and a guitar. I'm trying to be good.
   Love, Kathryn Vance
   Dear Santa,
   How are you doing and how are your rander? Can I please have a toy fone and a rel dog and I have ben good. Cood I have a toy rander? I will lev you cookes.
   Love Dylan Thomas
   Dear Santa,
   How arn yoo and your reindeer? For crismus I wont a robot with a remot cuntl and a wiiu. I bin gud. I am lev uoo a pen and carrots for the reindeer.
   Love Fernando Gamboa
   Dear Santa,
   How are the elves? I would like a cristl and cool rocks. I will make cookies. I been good.
   Love Trent Reese
   Dear Santa,
   I will leve you cooes. What are you doing? Are the raendere o-k? Can I please have a nrf gun? I have a good spries for you.
   Love Rae Ann Gibson
   Dear Santa,
   How are your reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus? How are your elves? This year I want a surprise. Are you ready for Christmas? I and my sister Tegan is going to put out cookies and milk. I have been good.
   Love Kailee Macy
   Dear Santa,
   How have you ben? How have your elfs Ben? Hows the raendeer? Can I pleas have an American grill? Can I have ranbow magic books?
   Love Izzy Richards
   Dear Santa,
   How are you doing? I wish that you wud have a gud Christmas? I really wot a Borbes and a toy fone.
   Love Renee Johnson
   Dear Santa,
   I want a gocort for Crismis. Are you feeing good? I will giv you cookies? And I love you. And I will give your rander carrots?
   Love Delsin Chapman
   Dear Santa,
   How are your elves doing and how are your raindear doing. May I have a Nerf gun please. I have ben Icshremly good.
   Love, Luke Schaffner
   Dear Santa,
   How are your reindeer? Are you ready for Christmas? I want a cat and a fish. I like your reindeer!
   Love Geraldine Lopez
   Dear Santa,
   How are the elves? I have bin gud. Please can I hav a Frbe. I am gunto lev you kookes. Thank you.
   Love Payton Smith
   Dear Santa,
   How are your elves. I wot a star wars angry birds. I wot a nrf gun. I wot a toy mostr truck. I will lev you cucees. Love Braxton Macy
   Dear Santa,
   How are you doing with your reindeer? I wot a pet cat and a dog. I wil' Lev you cookie.
   Love Erika Terrazas
   Dear Santa,
   I wut gams. I also wut a robot. I'm wondering what's the weather in the North Pole. My favorite candy is a candy cane.
   Love, Matthew Cox
   Dear Santa,
   I wunt a borby doll. Haw is the wether doowing. I love you. I wunt a walking puppy toy. I wunt a stufft kitin. I wil leev you cocees.
   Love Reese Wedding