Police union blasts Occupy protesters

Letter calls on 99 percent of Portlanders to pressure mayor to enforce city rules

The day after an Occupy Portland march where a demonstrator hurt a police sergeant, the union representing rank-and-file officers issued an open letter to city residents calling on them to pressure Mayor Sam Adams to enforce city rules regarding the protest.

The letter was titled "Enough is Enough." In it, Portland Police Assocation President Daryl Turner said his members are being threatened and assaulted by protesters, and he said Adams, who oversees the police bureau, has the power to put an end to it.

"The Police Commissioner has the ability and duty to see this is done," reads the letter.

The sergeant was shoved in front of a TriMet bus during the march. He was briefly hospitalized for minor injuries. A protester who allegedly shoved the sergeant was arrested. Adams released a statement Thursday denouncing the incident and calling on demonstrators to wok with the city to increase safety.Among other things, Adams said the protesters need to tell police the route of the marches in advance, something that did not happen Wednesday.

"Violence like this will not be tolerated," Adams said.

Adams has allowed protesters to camp in two public squares behind City Hall following an Oct. 3 march called to protest corporate greed. Although city rules prohibit public camping, Adams says the protesters are expressing their free speech rights.

Adopting rhetoric from the protesters who claim to represent 99 percent of the public, Turner called on the 99 percent of Portlanders who work for a living to contact Adams and the rest of the council and demand that city rules be enforced. Among other things, Turner said they have already cost the city more than $200,000 in police overtime.