Four for four Corbett High School varsity teams going to state

Friday night, after the Cardinals' football team defeated Valley Catholic in front of a standing-room only crowd, Corbett's football announcer broadcast, 'all of you are watching history being made tonight as Corbett sends four out of four high school teams to state.'

Introduced first was our middle school volleyball team, which went undefeated this season. They became the Metro Christian League Champions for the fourth year in a row under Coach Cheryl Reams.

The middle school football team, coached by Cless Woodward, turned this year into an undefeated one and solidly beat all competition.

The high school volleyball team, owning another undefeated season and clinching the Lewis and Clark 3A League Championship, are ranked No. 1 in state. Coach Angela Davis has led this group of young women through this perfect league season.

The girls soccer team, coached by Brie Windust, is also undefeated in league play. They secured their first league championship in team history, making their first state playoff appearance.

Completing the halftime celebration of state-bound teams was the introduction of our boys soccer team, as they won their first league championship in school history and completed an undefeated season in league play led by first-year head Coach Craig Payton.

As the buzzer sounded and the scoreboard at Red Wing Field highlighted a 30-0 home-team win, the success of our fall sports teams was known. Coach Lovitt, first-year head football coach, correctly predicted taking his team to the state playoffs. After hints of not having a football season were heard this summer and fall, this accomplishment from these young men is even sweeter. Go Cards!

Burton and Phyllis Caves


Article on streaker not necessary

In response to the article that was written on the Barlow High streaker last Wednesday, I am really confused as to why this was even published? Was it a slow news day? Were there not enough real sports stories to report on? I know several local teams that were busy preparing for state playoffs.

As a former educator and coach, I am both disturbed and saddened that this story even got into print. Not only to report about it, but to romanticize it the way you did. How this young man had actually put a year's work of thought and effort into his prank. The determination and planning this must have taken! It's absolutely embarrassing. And then only at the end of the story mention that this kid had actually been suspended.

There is a reason sports networks don't show the occasional idiot running on the field of play. They don't want the person gaining any attention from it. What you did by printing this article is give every other moron thinking about doing something like this more reason to actually do it. Do we all really need our 15 minutes of fame this badly?

Dave Keller


Protesters should focus on real problem

I can't help but have a deja vu about these occupy protesters: Remember the '60s, students on the march to stop the war, take from the haves and give to the have-nots, end poverty and slavery?

If we just join together, sing 'Kumbaya' and listen to the great philosopher Rodney King ('Can't we all just get along?'). It's sunshine and lollipops for everyone.

Sorry kids, the greatest program to lift people out of poverty is capitalism. Even the communists in China have figured this out.

But it looks like the old '60s radicals in the colleges and universities have hurt your capacity for critical thinking.

Winston Churchill (Google him on your corporate laptop, while wearing your corporate jeans, organizing on your corporate iPhone, and sounding off on the corporate Internet) said, 'Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.'

Were mistakes made on Wall Street? Yes. Illegal activity? Quite possible. But bigger government would only exacerbate the problem. We will never get to a solution when the fox is put in charge of the henhouse.

Crony Capitalism (the government picking winners and losers, GM, the mysterious loser called green jobs, too big to fail enterprises), combined with this class warfare and this 'I-need-a-hand-out' thinking, is a sick mindset to protest on.

Well I'm just going to have to say it - life is not fair.

By the way, you're protesting the wrong people. Here's a question. Why is the price of college rising faster than health care? Seems like all those socialist professors don't want to share the wealth. All those Hollywood stars, what about their 'obscene' wealth? Obama getting massive amounts of money from Wall Street? Maybe you should take the log out of your own eye before you try to remove the splinter out of someone else's.

So I'll close with Thomas Jefferson - 'I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.' Peace dude!

Frank Grande


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