Dakessian“We live in a beautiful world / Yeah we do, yeah we do” — states the chorus of a song by the band Coldplay, almost childlike in its simplicity. And yet, right now, it rings true.

Having just graduated from the University of Oregon last June, this is the first springtime in five years I’ve been lucky enough to spend in Southwest Portland. And I am thrilled about it.

I’ve relished the opportunity to come up with story ideas for this month’s issue while lounging on my deck, the faint hum of I-5 two miles away drowned out by the sound of my neighbors conversing with each other.

When May 12 rolls around, I’ll get to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day not via Skype, but in person, as it should be.

On sunny days, I’ll yet again perambulate my old favorite walking route with my dad — Stephenson to Lancaster to Arnold to 35th to Stephenson again — that more than makes up for in natural beauty what it lacks in sidewalks.

While of course, as it is Portland, after all, my excitement should be dampened by frequent rainfall, the deluge only leaves my little corner of the world smelling sweeter. And it’s nice to know that during the breaks between downpours, however rare they may be, my friends and I might get to take advantage of outdoor seating at Hillsdale Pub or Sasquatch.

And then there are the things that, as a citizen of Southwest, I’ve never done before. Unencumbered by seemingly endless homework assignments courtesy of Wilson High School, I’ll finally have the time to spend a Sunday at the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market, whose 2013 season opens this month — once I put this issue to bed, that is.

Drew Dakessian is the lead reporter of the Southwest Community Connection. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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