Dont leave disabled riders high and dry


Business owners and residents have had their say. The reports have been written. And now the TriMet board will take into consideration what it's heard as it ponders the request that Boring remove itself from the TriMet service area.

A decision could arrive as early as Nov. 23 when the TriMet board reconvenes. But at that time, we hope the board simply delays action, insisting instead that Boring representatives and TriMet staffers collaborate on devising a plan for the people who depend on the TriMet LIFT service.

The taxes paid by Boring businesses, in part, fund TriMet LIFT buses, which provide a couple dozen people in the Boring area with door-to-door transportation. Those people - with physical and mental disabilities - have no other transportation options.

If Boring is allowed to withdraw from the TriMet service area, the LIFT service will lose local funding. That would leave those folks with no public transportation option except for expensive taxi services.

We sympathize with Boring businesses. They've been paying TriMet taxes for 40 years, only to receive skeletal bus service. Justifiably, Boring businesses want off the bus. But at the same time, people with disabilities should not have to worry about how they will get to the grocery store or to their medical appointments.

For the good of those folks, we think the TriMet board on Nov. 23 should insist that Boring businesses and TriMet staffers put aside differences and work together to produce a workable alternative to the LIFT service. Once that plan is in place, we would feel comfortable with the elimination of regular bus service.