Mike Reese will take part Tuesday in a candidate forum
by: Christopher Onstott Police Chief Mike Reese has filed a committee to raise money for a possible run for mayor in 2012.

Although he has not yet formally announced for Portland mayor, Police Chief Mike Reese has opened a committee to raise funds for the race.

Friends of Mike Reese lists the election as the 2012 Portland mayoral primary, It does not report raising any money so far.

Reese is scheduled to participate Tuesday evening in a debate of major mayoral candidates sponsored by the Northwest Labor Council.

Some City Hall insiders have said Reese should take a leave of absence, resign or retire if he intends to run for mayor. They are not yet willing to speak on the record, however.

Reese and Mayor Sam Adams appeared together at a Monday afternoon press conference about the Occupy Portland protests. Asked afterward if Reese would soon be taking a leave of absence, Adams declined comment.

The committee lists the campaign treasurer as Doreen Binder, the executive director of Transition Projects, a homeless agency. Reese has been on the organization's board since 2007.

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