Mayor, police chief right to bill protesters

Kudos to Mayor Shane Bemis and Police Chief Craig Junginger for their effort in presenting a bill to Occupy Portland protesters for the damage they caused to the two police cars. I would also submit a bill to Portland Mayor Sam Adams, without his permission for the occupiers to occupy the city parks, this incident would have never happened.

You both make Gresham proud, and job well done!

Jackie Bennett


Young pedestrians at high risk in dark clothes

We don't need any more regulations, but we do need more educating the young about the seasonal hazard of biking, skate boarding and walking this time of year.

Most subtle is the fashion trend to black or dark clothes. With the return to standard time, it is getting dark around 4 with lots of pedestrian activity. Even the best of eyes cannot see black clothed people in the dark. Add this to the foolish, dangerous crosswalks on the four-lane roads between intersections, and you have business for the emergency room. Parents, make them visible somehow!

Richard H. Crampton


Soldiers in Afghanistan need holiday cheer

Terry Huston could use your help. Now.

Her grandson is in the US Army in Afghanistan. It's cold there, very cold. So, for Christmas, her grandson is asking for chemical hand warmers, powdered hot chocolate and soup. Also, they like to have beef jerky, nuts, candy canes, Spam, gloves and stocking caps. Her grandson is not just asking for things for himself, but also for the 30 other soldiers in his unit. The gifts Terry will send over may be the only gifts these soldiers receive for Christmas. Some of the soldiers have little, if any, family.

We all know that money is tight right now, but could you write a letter to a soldier? I know they would appreciate it.

You can contact Terry by calling 503-810-0386 or drop by the Troutdale Historical Society located in downtown Troutdale at the train depot. You will find her there Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., or drop the letters and gifts at Troutdale City Hall. She needs to have everything shipped by Nov. 28 in order for them to arrive by Christmas.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for helping a soldier.

Jim Kight

Troutdale mayor

Veterans need to follow Michel's example

We need more vets like Chuck (Michel, from the article 'Vets helping vets' in the Saturday, Nov. 5, issue of The Outlook) who give back so much to our community. Semper Fi.

Sam Whitehead


Publishing PERS retirees' names wrong

After serving for 25 years in the fire service, my husband retired from the Portland Fire Bureau as a battalion chief in 1992.

I understand The Oregonian and the Statesman Journal plan to publish all PERS retirees' names and retirement amounts.

The recent article in the Metro section of the Oregonian, dated Nov. 5, was not totally accurate. The subtitle stated that 'Retired Oregon workers don't want their PERS benefits made public.'

What we object to is our name being published in their newspapers without our permission. A firefighter's pay schedule is already public record and the formula that is used to compute PERS retirement figures is also public record and always has been.

This appears to be a vendetta against PERS retires and for what reason?

This is an invasion of privacy and serves no good purpose.

Sylvia Steffanson


Park employee did a lot for city

I want to acknowledge and thank Ric Catron, Gresham Parks Planner, for his contributions to Gresham Parks. After 14 years with the city, Catron's position has been eliminated due to budget cuts.

One need not look far to see Ric's legacy. Pat Pfeifer Park, Linnemann Station, the Zimmerman House and the Skate Park at Main City Park are just a few of the facilities that enhance our quality of life as a result of Ric's service. It's worth noting that Catron secured more than $3 million in grants to the benefit of Gresham's parks over the course of his time with the city.

As a member of the Park and Recreation Advisory Committee, I understand the city's financial challenges.

However, it is nonetheless disturbing that a city the size of Gresham can no longer afford anything more than basic park maintenance.

Charles Ciecko


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