Just the Other Day for Nov. 16

Storms rock area in 1951, '81

1911 - 'The County Farm is now occupied,' The Outlook reported in early November 100 years ago. A total of 211 inmates were in the new facility at Troutdale.

That week also brought the first snowfall of the season.

At what is now Wood Village, the Arata brothers established a full electrical system on their farm. The cost would be $25 a month, just for the lights. The Aratas not only lighted their buildings, but also strung lights along the road leading to their place. And they remodeled their home, lavishing it with architectural detail. The house is still there. It is the nursing home at the corner of Halsey Street and 242nd Avenue.

1921 - Robberies were increasing all over the county 90 years ago and The Outlook editor offered advice on how to be vigilant, including keeping 'trapperies suggestive of wealth' out of sight.

'It is not well to put too much dependence on firearms unless you are professional in their use. The criminal usually is - and he is fearless,' the editor counseled.

1931 - Gresham hosted three Civil War veterans at a program at the high school 80 years ago. They were J.H. Morrison, 85, of Gresham, George Knieriem, 87, of Corbett, and Edwin Bates, 88, of Estacada.

And Bealey Military School, which had operated in Troutdale at a facility near the Multnomah County Farm, announced plans to move to Portland.

In another landmark moment, the Springdale school was dedicated. Among the speakers were Mother Hubbard, who was the first teacher at the school, and Mrs. Arthur Dowsett, the first teacher at the school in its present location. (See photo.)

1941 - The 1942 Dodge 'fluid drive' got 21.64 miles to the gallon 70 years ago. Plaid blankets, 5 percent wool, were on sale at Penney's for $1.98. All-wool blankets for really bad winters were $5.90.

1951 - A typhoon-driven wind, similar to the Columbus Day storm, swept through East County 60 years ago, taking out power, toppling 75 trees onto power lines in the Gresham service area, and leading to the death of Troutdale resident Quay Martin, 61, who died of an apparent heart attack while dealing with a toppled tree.

1961 - Repeated earthquakes 50 years ago made people a little jumpy. A quake jostled stuff at 12-mile Corner. Several months earlier another one, centered on the Columbia River, shook people up.

The good news was that voters approved building swimming pools at Gresham and Centennial high schools.

1971 - Father A.A. Meyer, pastor of St. Henry Catholic Church since 1951, died of cancer 40 years ago. He established the St. Henry Catholic School in 1953 and supervised construction of a new church in 1964.

1981 - The Wy-East day lodge, meant to get skiers out of Timberline Lodge and into more modern accommodations, opened 30 years ago on Mount Hood. A typhoon-driven storm took the roof off of Columbia (now Reynolds) high school's gym. Even greater damage occurred at the Troutdale airport with planes and hangars destroyed.

1991 - There was a home building boom in Troutdale and Fairview 20 years ago. About 600 new homes were about to be built in the two cities. At the same time, the Troutdale City Council voted to withdraw from Fire District 10 and contract with Gresham for fire service.

2001 - A well-known homeless woman, one of the area's first 'bag ladies,' Ovella Weimer, died 10 years ago. She was found in a creek near Rhododendron. She had lived along side Highway 26 since the early 1970s, refusing all efforts of shelter and long-term help. She was nearly 80 at the time of her death.

2010 - Social gaming with limited wagers in card games came to Fairview at this time last year. It was another blow to the city's founders, who banned liquor emporiums and other vices in the early years of the city.

Researched and compiled from Outlook files.