Rose Bean Events makes the party happen

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO Brit Renner, left, and Katie Souza have launched Rose Bean Events and Design, an event planning business.

Katie Souza and Brit Renner have launched Rose Bean Events and Design, a business they say they've been preparing for most of their lives.

Both women graduated from Lake Oswego High School in 1999, and then went on to college. Right after college, Souza went to New York to work in advertising and Renner went to Los Angeles to work in the event planning industry.

'I decided I wanted to do something more creative and that's when I started studying interior architecture,' said Souza. She moved to Los Angeles just as Renner was moving to New York to work on event planning projects for the New York Yankees baseball team.

'We'd be home at the same time and joke about wanting to starting our own event planning company and it kind of seemed like a far off, lofty dream,' Souza said. 'But we actually ended up being back here at the same time and realized that it was actually a possibility. And that's how we got started.'

After working with the Yankees, Renner moved back to Lake Oswego and put her graphic and event planning talents to work at Nike, where she has been for the past four years.

The women believe that event planning isn't just about objectives, budgets and timelines. On their website,, they state, 'It's about building real relationships, knowing what makes your client smile and executing every detail as if it were our own personal event.

'Rose Bean is about transforming a mandatory corporate dinner into an uplifting event, talked about for months around the office. It is planning a wedding from scratch and making it the epitome of the bride and groom. We create events that not only exceed your wildest expectations but also relieve you of the stresses that come along with hosting. Instead, you'll be able to laugh right along with all of your guests, meaning you don't miss the entire point of entertaining, which is to enjoy yourself!'

To contact Souza call 503-550-6422. To contact Renner at 310-871-8211 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..