Last Thursday I was driving my sister home from Forest Grove around 6 p.m. when I was T-boned by another driver while I was turning left from Boones Ferry Road onto Lanewood Road.

Being only 17, this was the first time I had been hit by another car, let alone (been) in an accident. The other driver happened to be an elderly male driving a very new looking silver sedan. His mouth was agape and he looked like he had had a heart attack. (metaphorically).

Naturally I turned around to ask my 10-year-old sister if she was OK before I began to open my door. Immediately I heard the honking of other cars as they tried to pass us as we were in the center of Boones Ferry.

Being shocked and scared I quickly decided to move my car out of the road to make room for the other cars. The car that had hit me was parallel to my car and I couldn't see the license plate, but I wasn't worried because I had never imagined an elderly Lake Oswegan would drive off. Boy, was I wrong. The man that had hit me sped off as I moved my car and was lost among the many other cars on Boones Ferry.

I was horrified. This elderly male had obviously seen I was driving a little girl (who happened to be on the driver's side where I was hit) and he didn't even think about making sure we weren't hurt. The other thing I was shocked about was how not a single other driver on the road bothered to offer their services as a witness.

So now here I am left with my black Nissan Altima with more damage than it's worth and a terrible experience.

So please, next time you see a car get hit in the middle of the road, don't scare the poor driver off by honking like a maniac and instead try and help them out. And if you are the driver at fault, don't make it a hit and run.

Jason Kozlowski is a resident of Lake Oswego.

Editor's note: Anyone with information about this accident at about 6 p.m. on Nov. 10 at the intersection of Boones Ferry and Lanewood roads is invited to contact the Lake Oswego Police Department at 503-635-0238.

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