Organizers hope to show support for economic, political change

Corbett residents will lend their support to the Occupy Wall Street movement for economic and political change, with a family-friendly march getting under way at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 19.

The two-mile walk will begin at the Portland Women's Forum State Park on the Historic Columbia River Highway and end at the site of the former Corbett Grade School near Evans Road. Short speeches and voter registration are planned.

Organizer John Christensen said the Corbett march is an opportunity to show peaceful support to the movement, but also an invitation to others who may feel disenfranchised by public officials and looking to do something proactive.

'This is a patriotic challenge for us all to become more aware of the systematic erosion of democracy through the influence of big corporate money,' Christensen said. 'If we can move beyond these initial acts of civil disobedience, we can win the hearts and minds of ordinary working people. Then we can encourage politicians to work on our behalf.'

Christensen, a clinical psychologist, acknowledged that every social movement ending in a positive change, began in a chaotic fashion. While it may appear that fanatics with a different agenda may be garnering attention, the basis of the Occupy Wall Street movement has opened a national conversation about reform.

People also are feeling less isolated in their disillusion with their leaders.

'A lot of problems stem from groups who have been marginalized,' Christensen said. 'Organizing and moving toward a common goal to take effective action is a stabilizing effect. If people can move from the sense of powerlessness to believing that they have a voice in numbers, by working together they can bring pressure to the politicians.'

The Corbett march is sponsored by the Corbett Issues Forum. To join the conversation about local views on the Occupy Movement and the Corbett community, visit .

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