by: David F. Ashton Here comes the parade – eastbound on S.E. Tolman Street.

Even though it sprinkled on their parade, the October 30th Moreland Monster March grew in numbers over the previous year's parade - again.

'I'm still involved with it, because it's so much fun seeing how this is grown year after year,' smiled one of the founders, Kathy Diamond. 'I enjoy seeing the enthusiasm folks have for the parade. The parade has gone way beyond what me and my friend started; we never imagined it would turn into a major community event like this.'

The Sellwood Middle School Marching Band was warming up as Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division officers prepared to clear the way for Portland Fire and Rescue Engine 20 to lead the parade.

It's still an all-volunteer run event, Diamond observed. 'The business community has really gotten involved; the Sellwood-Westmoreland Business Alliance helps organize the event, and gets the parade permits and insurance. Local artist Gary Hirsch creates art for our T-shirts. And, all the profit goes to local educational foundations.'

Exactly how big has it grown? No one has counted - but the front end of the parade now returns to Llewellyn Elementary before the end has left.

So, will they lengthen the route next year?

'We're not going to 'fix' what's working,' grinned SWBA President Tom Brown.

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