Reed College cart and an SUV tangle on S.E. 28th

by: David F. Ashton Police and Reed College officials take notes after the crash.

It wasn't a 'pedestrian stuck' call after all - as it was initially reported to police.

But, at about 3:30 pm on October 28th, as they both traveled south on S.E. 28th Avenue, a tiny one-person Reed College 'Taylor-Dunn' electric unlicensed utility vehicle got thumped by a four-door SUV hard enough for its door to fall off.

'When the SUV passed the Reed cart, it looked like they hit,' recounted witness Madison Sheridan, who was shopping at the 'Berry Good Produce' stand when the incident occurred. 'The little cart went out of control and drove across the street.'

Some witnesses said the larger vehicle struck the smaller one - the damage to the SUV was over its rear passenger-side wheel well.

Eventually, all parties picked up the loose parts from their respective vehicles and departed the scene.

'No citations were issued,' reported police spokesman Sgt. Peter Simpson, 'And no injuries were reported.'