by: Photo courtesy of the Troutdale Historical Society East County was hit by a horrible ice storm in 1921.

1911 - Minnie Belle Lawrence married E.W. Aylsworth, proprietor of a 'gents' furnishing store' in Gresham at her parents' home in Gresham 100 years ago.

It was one of the most high-faluting weddings of the era because of the popularity of the young couple and their well-heeled parents. The bride wore white silk. And even in November, rooms were decorated with white chrysanthemums and pink carnations.

'The presents were numerous and included many that were costly and beautiful,' The Outlook reported.

The newlyweds honeymooned in Portland and then returned to Gresham where a home was being built for them on South Roberts Avenue.

1921 - 'The worst storm that has ever visited this section' hit the Columbia River Gorge 90 years ago. (See photo.)

1931 - Radio was the darling of the communications industry 80 years ago, and the editor was marveling at the fact that 'nearly everyone can boast that he has heard presidents of this and other countries, prime ministers, statements, even the king of England and the pope …'

1941 - No more price wars in Gresham's barber shops 70 years ago. Beginning Nov. 24, all haircuts in all shops were 50 cents. Shaves were 25 cents, as were face steams, neck clips and tonics. A mud massage was $1.

1951 - Zimmerman's 12-Mile Store added a Green Stamp redemption center 60 years ago. The way it worked - you got Green Stamps when you bought items at the Zim's store and other shops, you licked them and stuck them in books and two-and-one-half books would get you a new footstool.

1961 - A windstorm that was kind of a warm up for the Columbus Day storm the following year blew out a plate-glass window in Fanning Chevrolet 50 years ago. In Boring Mae Humphrey retired from the post office after 28 years.

1971 - Bob and Barbara George moved to Troutdale 40 years ago, they of the environmental and zero population movement. They wanted greener, simpler lives and took up raising chickens and their own fruit. It was a learning experience. They told The Outlook that one of the chickens they killed for dinner may have died from a heart attack after they chased it most of the evening.

1981 - Gene Zimmerman was head ranger in the Columbia River Gorge 30 years ago. 'It's a forgiving piece of country,' he said, citing the canneries, sawmills and roadbuilding through the gorge. 'Of course, back then all we had were horses and fresnos (a scoop drawn by a horse). Now we have D-9s. If we want to abuse it, we could really get serious about it.'

1991 - Population figures 20 years ago: Gresham, 71,225; Troutdale, 8,195; Wood Village, 2,930; and Fairview, 2,590.

2001 - The Fairview library opened 10 years ago. Oregon's one-of-a-kind writer, Ken Kesey, died. And the Gresham Gophers girls volleyball team won the state Class 4A title.

2010 - Last year at this time, the first snow fell in East Multnomah County.

Researched and compiled from Outlook files.

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