Letters to the editor for Nov. 23


SnowCap Community Charities rock

Many of you read or have heard about the recent article in The Gresham Outlook, Nov. 16, 'Fill a Grocery Bag For The Hungry' and received the brown bag insert to fill and deliver to designated businesses, or you can fill up your own bag and if you are in the area of SnowCap, you can drop it by and visit with hard-working Dave in the warehouse.

There are some great sales going on at local stores and will be through December, so think about adding an extra item or more to your shopping cart.

It's never too late with the continuing need, and it really does make a difference if we all get involved. It adds up fast and the need just doesn't go away. And when December rolls into January, there will still be a need, as it never goes away, so don't stop when the New Year starts.

While you are at it, you might even add pencils to the bag, as people go through a lot with all the applications being filled out.

Alyson Huntting


News too filled with anger, troubles

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, wouldn't it be wonderful to see some articles of encouragement and uplifting instead of constantly seeing angry faces and negative news!

I for one am getting really tired of turning on my TV and seeing nothing but angry mobs with angry faces destroying parks and blocking streets. How refreshing it would be to see some front-page articles about people helping people in need in today's troubled times, community agencies reaching out with food and clothing for those less fortunate, churches feeding the needy and what is great about this nation rather than finding fault with it all the time. It's mind deadening after a while.

Times may be bad, but they could be a lot worse and irrespective of that, people in other nations are still flocking here by the thousands in search of a better life and opportunities and something needs to be said for that. Surely, there has to be some uplifting news out there.

Louis H. Bowerman


Christmas tree has proper name in Gresham

Congratulations to Gresham for naming their Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

For some unknown reason Portland is planting a 'Holiday' tree, which is one of the silliest misnomers in the book. If we re-named Christmas shopping all the retailers would go broke.

Kathleen J. Mahoney


Bus driver deserves to be let go after complaints

I found the driver of the TriMet bus who let off a mother and child enroute to their destination obscene. The driver was fed up with the noise. Evidently, this driver gets fed up a lot. There are a lot of complaints to verify that.

It seems lots of riders on that particular bus cringe when they realize their driver is her again. No noise, no cellphone, no iPods, complete silence. The NAZI driver from He**.

The union has been a good thing for industry in the past, but in some instances like this, it hamstrings the business by 'standing up for' their union comrades. It would surprise me if she didn't attempt to leave on a workers compensation disability for stress. She may be stressed, but it is of her own making. She's obviously got anger management problems.

The company I worked for gave zero tolerance for rudeness on the part of employees. Everyone was our customer and no matter what, no rudeness on our part was tolerated. No second chances.

I was in a union job but rudeness to a costumer was grounds for immediate dismissal. This went beyond rudeness clear to dangerous for the riders in this debacle.

Why do union drivers get special treatment and a pathway to abuse customers while union officials see if they deem it true?

Where is common compassion and courtesy for the customers of many businesses any more? I am finding more and more are daring you to stand up for yourself only to cut you off?

MK Brown


Tea Party organizes peaceful, lawful protests

In the faceoff Sheila Hamilton does with Lars Larson, she has made some unfair comparisons between the Tea Party and Occupy Portland. A few weeks ago, she said both groups were 'against corporate greed.' More recently she said both groups used 'civil disobedience' to convey their message. She doesn't appear to very knowledgeable on the Tea Party.

It is true both groups are against the bailouts, against the cronyism political machine that works toward campaign contributions and personal wealth instead of working toward the needs of their constituents. However, the Tea Party is very supportive of business and jobs and prosperity for us all. Corporations employ people and offer an investment opportunity to save for retirement. We want corporations to succeed.

The Tea Party respects other peoples' property. Fees owed to the private business managing Pioneer Courthouse Square have been paid for Tea Party events there. No garbage has been left behind for the square personnel to clean up. We give patronage to businesses that have allowed us to use their parking area to rally. We've received offers to come back. Will the Portland Parks Bureau ask Occupy Portland back? I walked around the smelly squalor in the Occupy camps.

The Tea Party has researched the rules and monitored its events to see that the rules have been followed. We pay attention to not blocking traffic, whether vehicular or pedestrian, unless the proper permits are in place. Tea Party protesters are not arrested for civil disobedience or resisting arrest at Tea Party events. There are no drug overdoses. Riot police have not had to show up to police Tea Party protesters, although they have had to show up to police some unruly counter protesters who have showed up. These same counter protesters yelled racial epithets at Tea Party protesters. It's on YouTube as 'Left Taunts, Harasses and Hurls Racial Insults at African American Man Attending TEA Party.' Perhaps these counter protesters are members of Occupy Portland.

Roxanne Ross


Voters, do your homework this time

These days the computer puts at your fingertips the opportunity to find out just who did what to get our country into this economic mess.

It all began in 1999 when some very clever big shot bankers, hiding in the wings, talked the Republicans into introducing a bill that would repeal the Glass-Steagall Act. Clinton was president and his liberal following loved it as now everybody could get financing for a home. Affording it did not matter because now with Glass-Steagall out of the way, the U.S. taxpayers were guaranteeing the loans.

The big shot bankers thought, baby, let the good times roll, and so they did for a decade. Last man standing with a bundle of bad loans simply has to put his hand out and good old honorable America will pay. I say tell them to go straight to hell. We were set up by these world bankers and consequently should not honor the commitment.

These are evil people who knew exactly what they were doing in 1999 when they coerced our politicians into this repeal. Democrats or Republicans, it makes little difference, they will suck onto whoever holds our political offices. The Roosevelt administration passed Glass-Steagall so that if bankers wanted to gamble, the American taxpayer would not be picking up their losses.

If you really do your homework, you will want to throw all the politicians out as either crooked or stupid and bring in some new blood.

Richard H. Crampton