by: JEFF MCDONALD  - A worker from Woodburn-based Triplett Wellman Contractors dismantles an unstable portion of Mayor Kathy Figleys building on Grant Street Monday. Pedestrians will soon regain their right-of-way on the sidewalk next to Mayor Kathy Figley's building in downtown Woodburn after crews remove part of the building that made it unsafe.

Chain-link fencing was erected last fall to prevent pedestrians from walking near the potentially dangerous building.

“We are removing part of the parapet that isn’t stable, so the sidewalk can be opened up,” Figley said. “It is kind of a Band-aid until we’re done with the design work and engineering work. We just want to be legal. We want to be good citizens.”

Major renovation work should begin within six to eight weeks, Figley said. The project, which has a project cost estimated at more than $100,000, will include demolishing and rebuilding the façade and a new roof, Figley said.

Ultimately, Figley plans to rent the building to a retail tenant for a business such as a deli, she said.

“At this point, we plan on owning it,” she said. “We are still talking to a couple of different (potential) tenants."

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