Written word enriches art — abstract or real


The Artist Edge gallery for August includes abstract and real art, poetry and storytelling

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO  - This is a charcoal drawing by Alison Burnett, an artist trained in Great Britain. Her image of a horse gains attention because its eye is in perfect focus.  The August edition of “The Artist Edge,” an art salon for creative people, will feature one oil-on-canvas artist who just happens to be a poet; a horsewoman who can draw a horse with a stick of charcoal and make it look like a photograph; and a storyteller whose forte is painting pictures with words.

The salon is held at the Lori Ryland studio and gallery in Sandy.

Mark Struzan

Mark Struzan is an abstract painter and poet, with a studio in Portland. He is a longtime member of the Moonlit Poetry Caravan.

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO  - This is a Mark Struzan original abstract painting in oil. Struzan writes poetry and paints, both in abstract terms, in an attempt to bring thoughts and images closer to reality.Among his list of achievements was Portland State University’s 2012 as Painter of the Year award.

Struzan is a man with a message. He wants his paintings to speak to the viewer in the way they speak to him.

“Dialogue has become the single most important reason that I paint,” Struzan said, “to learn and to grow through personal expression of thought.”

Since Struzan’s paintings take an abstract form, it should be obvious that his thoughts go beyond the ordinary reality.

“My paintings are attempts at thought,” he said, “the slow process of dismantling and reassembling ideas on the Universe and its contents.”

In addition, Struzan will read some of his poetry at The Artist Edge gallery.

For more information, visit markstruzan.com or call 503-936-2158.

Alison Burnett

Alison Burnett studied at Lowestoft College of Art and Ipswich College of Art in Great Britain. Throughout the world, art lovers can find her work in galleries, museums and private collections.

Using charcoal on paper, she says her portraits of horses depict the natural world of the horse.

With charcoal, the image develops dramatic depths of black on a velvety surface. As with no other medium, she says, the simplicity and power of charcoal drawings remain unsurpassed.

Burnett’s well-known works were done when she lived on the gulf side of Florida. Though much of her work has been still life, she is recognized for portraits of her daughter, Anna.

The intimate bond between artist and subject continues with her equine art.

For more information, visit aaburnett.com or call 503-826-1311.

Stevan Allred

Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Stevan Allred is editor and publisher for Redcat Press, Ryland said. A monthly favorite author at the salon, he will read from portions of the book he is currently writing.

Allred, of Estacada, is a writer, editor and publisher who says he loves to read and write short stories. Besides being one of the favorites at “The Artist’s Edge” salon, Allred has been the featured host of the annual Writers Night, presented by the Estacada Arts Commission.

For more information, visit stevanallred.com or call 503-789-0907.