Crime log for this week


• A thief stole two bicycles valued at $850 from underneath a stairwell either Sunday or Monday at an apartment complex in the 800 block of Northwest Island Terrace. The stolen bikes were locked up. They were a $450 Trek 10-speed and a $400 green mountain bike.

• Police responded to a criminal mischief call early Sunday morning in the 6000 block of Southwest Cherryhill Drive. Upon arrival, an officer found a 1996 white Honda Prelude with its windshield and rear window smashed and four tires slashed. The suspect caused about $1,400 worth of damage to the vehicle.

• Vandals caused $500 worth of damage sometime between Friday and Sunday at Scholls Heights Elementary School in the 16000 block of Southwest Loon Drive. The vandals used black spray paint to tag several walls on the south and east sides of the school building. Most of the graffiti was unreadable while other tags were profanity.

• Gold graffiti was discovered Saturday afternoon on a door on the southeast corner of the Big Al's building in the14000 block of Southwest Barrows Road. The graffiti was about 6 inches tall and stretched about 12 inches across the door. It was unrecognizable.

• A hit and run was reported late Saturday morning near the Chevron station along Southwest Hall Boulevard at Cedar Hills Boulevard. The victim said he was driving his Honda Accord northbound on Cedar Hills with the light across the Hall Boulevard intersection when a southbound vehicle made a left turn onto Hall, hitting the Accord and damaging the left front bumper and fender. The driver of the red car then drove on without stopping to exchange information with the victim.

• A thief stripped a 1994 red Toyota 4Runner of its$500 catalytic converter either Friday or Saturday while it was parked in the 5000 block of Southwest Dover Lane. The victim realized something was wrong when she started up her vehicle and it made a funny noise. When she backed the vehicle out of her driveway, she spotted a small pile of bolts lying on the pavement where it had been parked.

• A thief shattered a $250 window of a Cadillac Escalade parked Nov. 17 and Friday in the 16000 block of Southwest Rogue River Terrace and snatched $500 Coach purse containing a $300 Coach wallet, $2,500 princess cut engagement ring, driver's license, $250 Sears gift card and two credit cards.

• A thief stripped a 2004 silver Pontiac Aztec of its Oregon license plates Nov. 17 while it was parked at the Black Bear Diner in the 13000 block of Southwest Tualatin Valley Highway.

• Police responded to an attempted burglary Nov. 9 in the 7000 block of Southwest Lantana Place. The victim told police he returned home that night and discovered the front door had been tampered with. The doorknob was loose, as though someone had tried to remove it. The locking mechanism above was also heavily scratched and gouged. The burglar failed to enter the home.