Police bill more than $642,000 for camp eviction weekend

Portland police say overtime costs for dealing with the Occupy Portland camp and protests have now hit nearly $1.3 million and are expected to continue rising.

The most recent figures released by the police show over $642,000 of that total was incurred on Nov. 12 and 13, weekend the protesters were evicted from their camp in Chapman and Lownsdale squares.

An additional $54,000-plus was charged on Nov. 17, the day protesters demonstrated at the Steel Bridge and some downtown bank branches.

The amount does not include overtime incurred by other law enforcement that aided the police. They are responsible for their own overtime costs under regional mutual aid agreements.

The total is expected to rise as more overtime is billed by officers when their complete and submit their paperwork. Chief Mike Reese is now trying to reduce overtime costs by allowing the protesters to police their own demonstrations and only respond if there are complaints.

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