My View • State must find a solution to neighborhood problem

Recent articles and media coverage regarding the lottery/bar 'invasion' on Hayden Island are both accurate and compelling (State fumbles 'Lottery Row' fix, Nov. 17). It is past time for the state, the Lottery Commission and Oregon Liquor Control Commission to face their responsibilities and move to solve the incredible crime problems they have created.

A potential solution by the lottery would be to dedicate a percentage of revenue from neighborhood lottery (bars and delis) for protection and safety of that neighborhood, to establish and to enforce effective saturation rules that keep casinos from forming in your neighborhood and - after the Columbia River Crossing bridge construction removes them at taxpayers' expense - from forming again in our neighborhood.

What the hundreds of thousands of people who drive across Hayden Island daily while traveling on Interstate 5 might see from the freeway and, even more, read in the paper, doesn't represent what Hayden Island is about. Hayden Island is about a lifestyle. It is a community unique in Portland, possibly unique to the Northwest. It is the only island community in the city and is composed of the widest variety of live-aboards (boats), floating homes, manufactured homes, apartments, condominiums and single-family homes.

Hayden Island offers many, many remarkable experiences beyond the small segment of activity seen at the I-5 crossing. One can walk on riverside pathways, boat, fish, see an array of wildlife and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful setting that cannot be found anywhere else, period.

Hayden Island Neighborhood Association (HINooN) members are very active in all aspects of Island happenings, having been key participants in the design and review of the Hayden Island portion of the Columbia River Crossing project, the annexation review of West Hayden Island, the formulation and adoption by the city of Portland of the Hayden Island Plan (our comprehensive plan for our island's future) and many other land-use and public interest projects on the Island.

Damage caused by the Oregon Lottery can be minimized and stopped from happening again. Those of us who have the privilege of living on the Island know its attributes and appreciate the beauty, serenity and comfort that can exist for residents here. 'Casino Row' is NOT representative of our Island.

Hayden Island is a great place to recreate, shop and live.

Ronald Schmidt is chairman of the Hayden Island Neighborhood Association.

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