by: BARB RANDALL Virginia Campbell, 101, Sister Joseph Mary Basick, 103, and Anita Rogers, 100, will be honored at a birthday tea at Mary’s Woods on Nov. 29.

Mary's Woods catering coordinator Allison Gilmore has a very special event planned for Tuesday, Nov. 29 - a birthday tea for four very special women.

The youngest of the group, Anita Rogers, turned 100 years old on Oct. 8. Another resident also turned 100 recently, but wished not to be identified.

The other birthday celebrants are Virginia Campbell, who turned 101 on Nov. 6, and Sister Joseph Mary Basick, who turns 103 on Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day.

The women recently shared tales of their long lives.

Sister Joseph spent 27 years teaching before she served as postmaster at the Marylhurst post office for 20 years.

Virginia Campbell, whose late husband C. Herald Campbell was a former Lake Oswego mayor, recently helped Gilmore organize a harvest festival at Mary's Woods. She said she spends a great deal of her day thinking.

'Thinking is entertaining,' she said. She was given an iPad for her 100th birthday, but now finds reading too difficult. 'Thank God I can still think!'

What you notice most of Anita Rogers is her positive attitude.

'I don't fret or worry about anything,' she said. 'Not even my daughters. I have a lot of friends here. I'm happy and I'm pleased that I am here.'

When asked to what they credit their long lives, the women all agreed it was 'the grace of God.'

'I can't think of any other reason I'm here,' said Campbell. 'I'm here and life is pleasant.'

'These women are an inspiration to us all,' said Gilmore.

Mary's Woods and Marylhurst University are joining together in the celebration for the women on Nov. 29.

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