Earlier post challenged for accuracy


Hello! This is bitter radical left wing political bomb thrower Burl Ross, so condemned by blindingly self-unaware 'don't condemn the messenger' right-winger Noel R. Wolfe.

Mr. Wolfe's most recent column is a fascinating jumble of meaningless Republican talking points, misinformation and fabrication - so let's uncap the red pen and get to work!

Sentence #1 from Mr. Wolfe: 'Is the Occupy Wall Street mob the face of the Democrat Party for 2012?'

Correction #1: There's no such thing as the 'Democrat Party.' A little research prior to writing may prevent embarrassing errors like this in the future.

Sentence #2: 'Shouting - what do we want - we don't know. When do we want it - now.'

Correction #2: The Occupy movement wants government by and for the people, not the corporate oligarchy. When do they want it? Officially since 1789, but more relevantly since 1961 when wise, old-school Republican Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the dangers of the military-industrial-congressional complex. Where can today's … new-school Republicans go to never hear Occupy's simple message? The corporate media. And Noel Wolfe.

Sentence #3:....

No. There's too much. I only have 550 words, and last time I tried this I wasted 186 words just quoting Mr. Wolfe! And did he thank me? No. He said I was 'crucifying the messenger.' Ever notice, only Republicans can take insult at having their own words repeated back to them?

(And by the way, Noel, you aren't 'the messenger.' The Review is the messenger. You and I are debaters. So please, enough with the 'don't attack the messenger' babble straight from 'Fox and Friends,' which I think you were referencing when you said I 'railed on about cartoon characters' in my column, which I didn't - correction #23. And Karl Rove isn't an elected official - correction #24.)

Lacking the word count to correct them all, let's examine just one of Mr. Wolfe's many flawed assertions: 'Liberal-backed Keynesian economic theory (is) an unmitigated disaster - sorry Paul Krugman ... who devised the president's fiscal policy.' It is well known that Obama has bent exactly the opposite way Wolfe describes, appointing, for heinous example, Ben Bernanke, the disastrous chairman of George W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers, to be his own Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Not only has Krugman never 'devised' fiscal policy for Obama, he has famously criticized Obama's economic policies; for the ineffectually small stimulus, for falling victim to conservative scaremongering about Social Security, etc. Newsweek called Krugman 'Obama's Headache,' (April 4, 2009.) The Observer ran an article headlined 'Krugman leads the fight against Obama from the liberal left,' (May 28, 2011.) And remember, Krugman won the Nobel Prize for his discovery that 'Republicans, once hailed as the 'party of ideas,' have become the party of stupid.' (New York Times, Aug. 7, 2008).

My point is - this is what researched, fact-based commentary (with a touch of satire) looks like, Mr. Wolfe. This is what supported opinion, informed discourse - the 'debate of the issues' you say you want - looks like.

Please, for the sake of our suffering Review readership, do some research before your next month's column. But be warned: Facts have a liberal bias, and you may find yourself confronting the uncomfortable truth that Barack Obama hasn't raised taxes as you imply, but rather has cut rates to the lowest levels in 55 years - correction #30.

Burl Ross is a resident of Lake Oswego.