Letters to the editor: Nov. 26, 2011


Occupy movement causes horrible consequences

I was rather bemused about the Corbett residents' support of the 'occupy' movement. Someone please explain support for a movement that has spawned, just to name a few, these problems and crimes: public masturbation (Madison, Wis.), public defecation (New York), desecration of a memorial to U.S. war dead (Portland), sexual assault (Lawrence, Kan.), rape (Baltimore), child sex assault (Dallas, Texas), and death treated as homicide (Oklahoma City).

Sounds family friendly and patriotic to me. Or is this just its beautiful chaotic beginning?

Wow, what bad could possibly come of this? I would urge people, if you really care, to get involved locally in charities, local government committees and give support to those who reflect your values.

Educate yourself on the issues and don't be cowed by the politically correct crowd. These actions will lead to a greater sense of empowerment for the social good.

Working within the system can lead to a greater influence on government. How else did the lefties take over the universities?

Frank Grande


Death penalty denies God's ability to redeem and transform lives

In light of the upcoming executions in Oregon, I stand with The Oregon-Idaho Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action in firm opposition to the death penalty.

I value the life of every individual. And the citizens of our state should not be involved in putting someone to death.

The social principles of the United Methodist Church state: 'We believe the death penalty denies the power of Christ to redeem, restore and transform all human beings.'

The death penalty does not bring closure to victims' families and exacts an extreme toll on officials, perpetrators' families and those involved in the execution process.

Karen Nelson


Editor's note: This letter was received prior to Gov. John Kitzhaber's announcement this week that he would not allow any executions in Oregon during his time in office.