• A vandal slashed all four tires of two vehicles parked Sunday in the 400 block of Northwest Island Terrace. It will cost about $400 to replace the tires of a 2011 Honda CEZ and 2011 Dodge Stratus.

• A vandal tossed a golf ball-sized rock through a dining room window of a home Sunday in the 10000 block of Southwest 130th Avenue, causing $200 worth of damage.

• A vandal used the hard rubber base of a traffic cone to smash the rear window of a 1999 Honda Civic parked Sunday in the 9000 block of Southwest 130th Avenue. It will cost about $500 to replace the window.

• A thief entered an unlocked Lexus 400 parked Sunday in the 12000 block of Southwest Pioneer Lane and stole a $150 pair of Oakley sunglasses and a $45 bottle of cologne.

• A vandal tossed several rocks at windows on the west side of a vacant business building either Saturday or Sunday in the 2000 block of Southwest 153rd Drive. One of the rocks smashed a $500 window. Rocks found at the scene appeared to come from nearby railroad tracks.

• A thief attempted to steal a 2009 white Saturn Vue while it was parked Saturday in the 10000 block of Southwest Murray Boulevard. The thief entered the unlocked vehicle and punched out its ignition, causing $400 worth of damage. The thief then stole $5 in change and fled the scene without the Saturn.

• Graffiti was discovered Saturday on a wall of the Plaid Pantry in the 8000 block of Southwest Canyon Road. A vandal used a blue marker to write 'SEARCH.' The tag was about 12 inches long and 6 inches tall.

• A thief forced open a window of a Honda Civic parked Friday and Saturday in the 5000 block of Southwest Hall Boulevard and stole a $150 stereo faceplate.

• A thief attempted to steal a 2011 silver Toyota Camry parked Friday morning in the 8000 block of Southwest 147th Terrace. The thief removed the ignition from the vehicle before fleeing the scene with the ignition, a white wallet and $100 camera. The thief left behind a pair of thick, black leather gloves, which police seized as evidence.

• A thief shattered a $150 window of a Hyundai Santa Fe parked Friday in the 12000 block of Southwest Millikan Way and stole a $600 Burberry bag, $300 North Face jacket and $500 worth of gift cards.

• An Asian woman in her 50s driving a Honda Passport struck a Chevrolet Silverado on Nov. 23 and drove away from the scene without stopping. The hit and run took place near the Southwest 125th Avenue and Longhorn Drive intersection. The truck's driver told police he was traveling westbound on Longhorn toward 125th when the woman pulled her vehicle out of a driveway and struck the Silverado's right, rear quarter panel. The impact left a beach ball-sized dent and caused about $1,500 worth of damage.

• A thief entered an unlocked truck parked Nov. 23 in the 17000 block of Southwest Clearwater Court and stole a wallet containing $300 in cash, an Alaska driver's license, credit cards and Social Security card. The thief then used one of the stolen credit cards to make a $54.88 purchase at a Chevron station and $26.56 purchase at Kaizen in Beaverton.

• A thief entered a Toyota 4Runner parked Nov. 23 in the 16000 block of Northwest Mission Oaks Drive and stole $15 in change and two garage door openers.

• A neighbor reported an illegal dumping in his green space Nov. 20 in the 15000 block of Southwest Cardinal Loop. The neighbor found a double-paned glass door propped up against a tree on his property. He moved it to his garage for officers to dust for fingerprints.

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