Gorge Scenic Act has destroyed lives

Sharon Nesbit's article 'Protection of gorge has paid off immeasurably' (Nov. 19 Outlook) is spot on with good intentions, although the road to hell is paved with them.

It's one thing to secure, save and protect uninhabited wilderness. It's another thing to secure, save and protect human-inhabited land by imposing national park rules and regulations on it and the human beings inhabiting it.

Compromise, fairness, compassion and logic had nothing to do with Nancy (Friends of the Gorge) Russell's radical environmental agenda. The end does not always justify the means - Hiroshima, The Final Solution, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Too harsh? Tell that to all the people in the gorge scenic area whose lives were destroyed because of the Scenic Act.

Angelo Simione


(Editor's note: Simione is former co-owner of the View Point Inn.)

Occupy Gresham should stick to non-Marxist ideology

Almost everyone who lives in Gresham has been impacted negatively by faceless corporations. From annoying (and worse!) telemarketing to broken customer service models, we have to be on our toes to deal with most big businesses nowadays.

That said, there's just one thing Cozetto and Company, (doing business as) Occupy Gresham, can do that would make a difference, and that is to educate folks on how to actually deal with faceless businesses and conduct business when we have to do it almost blindly.

To do that, Cozetto will first have to stop painting scenes that didn't happen. I was at the Arts Plaza meeting on Saturday, driving around it in my unremarkable vehicle about five times over an hour or so. There were an equal number of county and Gresham police as demonstrators. There was ZERO 'heckling' from the two or three Americans for Prosperity-affiliated people who circled the park on the sidewalk observing the demonstration. They said nothing to anyone but themselves. I shot some video of the whole affair, and the video shows zero confrontations, verbal or otherwise. The only sounds on the video soundtracks are my narrations inside my vehicle with the window open, and the vehicle's engine sounds.

Occupy Gresham needs to offer re-assurances to our '99-percenter' city. The first thing they need to do is assure us that the General Assembly system we saw at the Arts Plaza actually runs the Occupy Gresham movement, and that it's not being run by Occupy Portland as an 'Affinity Group' in their Marxist-revolutionary Spokes Council system that was just adopted. We don't need Marxist dogma in Gresham, it's a much better fit in Portland.

Keep it local, Occupy Gresham, keep it friendly, and you'll find us willing to listen. Bring the first shred of the Marxism we see in downtown Portland out here, and you'll face a wall of resentment.

Your choice, Occupy Gresham.

George Schneider


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