Gorge storm traps travelers in 1921

by: Outlook archives Tad's Barbecue advertised in the 1941 paper, before it moved to the current location and changed its name to Tad's Chicken 'N Dumplins.

1911 - Gresham reported 666 residents 100 years ago, a net gain of 120 in the course of a year.

And Henry Kane, for whom Kane Road is named, died. He was a veteran of the Civil War, fighting for the Union with the 38th Wisconsin.

Kane came to Oregon in 1878 with his wife, Clara, and farmed, presumably in the vicinity of Mt. Hood Community College at Kane Road.

1921 - The storm that swept the gorge earlier in the month still had the area in its grip at the end of November 90 years ago. Corbett residents reported that their area looked like the World War I battlefields of France and Belgium. Missing hunters and others who had been sidetracked by the storm began to show up. According to those who made their way out of the gorge on foot, 174 cars were stalled between Hood River and Bridal Veil.

1931 - Times were bad 80 years ago, but Troutdale had one business going for it that paid a decent salary. The Bissinger Wool Pullery, which had been in operation for eight years, employed 54 men to salvage wool off the hides of more than one million pelts, generally of winterkilled pelts shipped by rail from all the western states. Essentially a tannery, the business's outfall into the Sandy River must have been terrible, but the firm (which built the Troutdale water tower, which still stands near the plant site), paid $24,000 a year in wages to each worker and kept Troutdale alive.

1941 - Tad's Barbecue, then at the east end of the Sandy River Bridge in Troutdale, advertised 70 years ago. It was later, when the restaurant moved upriver, that chicken and dumplings were added to the menu. (See photo.)

1951 - A ground breaking was set in late November 60 years ago for St. Luke's church on Cathey Road just south of Powell Boulevard. And the purchase of the first of about 50 properties to clear the way for the Banfield Freeway (I-84) was announced.

1961 - Marietta Heights, a new subdivision near 12-Mile Corner, provided a bomb shelter with each new home 50 years ago. The shelters were 6 feet below the basement level of each home and covered with an 8-inch concrete slab, 5 feet of dirt and the garage floor.

1971 - Gresham was still a small town 40 years ago when insurance agent Bob Allegre left the keys to his car in the visor and ran into his office for a minute. Allegre was astonished to see someone drive his car away. No matter, it turned up at Hessel's Motors. An employee there had been instructed to pick up Hank Mishima's car across the street. The two cars were alike, both had keys in the visor.

1981 - Four hundred residents of the Reynolds district voted in a straw poll 30 years ago on whether or not to retain two high schools or join Columbia and Reynolds highs into a single school. Keeping both schools won by 3-to-1, but the ultimate decision of the school board in 1989-90 was to merge. (Editor's note: this entry was updated with information received from a reader.)

1991 - David Duke, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, lost his race 20 years ago to be governor of Louisiana. Surprisingly a number of Oregonians contributed to his campaign, convinced that Duke would ultimately be presidential material.

2001 - Permit problems 10 years ago, the Gresham school district announced, would delay the opening of Butler Creek Elementary until 2003. And Fujitsu was moving toward closure of its Gresham plant.

2010 - At this time last year, election results showed Matt Wand unseating Nick Kahl for House District 49, Greg Matthews was reelected to House District 50 and Measure 75, which would have allowed a casino at Wood Village, was defeated by a considerable margin.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.