Occupy Portland protesters caused nearly three times as much damage in Chapman and Lownsdale squares than Tom McCall Waterfront Park sustained in all of 2010.

Portland Parks and Recreation says it will cost about $85,850 to repair the damage caused by a little more than five weeks of camping in the two downtown squares just a block from City Hall. In contrast, the city only paid $30,991 to repair damages caused by five larger events held during three months in 2010 in Waterfront Park, the most recent year for which complete figures are available.

In Waterfront Park, the organizations staging the events paid for the repairs. The events and their payments were: Cinco de Mayo, $842; Rose Festival, $12,198; Waterfront Blues Festival, $6,521; Oregon Brewers Festival, $26,185; and the Bite of Portland, $6,335.

The Portland Parks Foundation is raising money to repair Chapman and Lownsdale squares. The work is expected to stretch into next spring. Waterfront Park is engineered to recover quickly from damages.

Look for the (right) union label(s)

Oops. Sources made a mistake when reporting Commissioner Amanda Fritz has may more union endorsements than State Rep. Mary Nolan. Turns out we were looking at Fritz's 2008 campaign website. The truth is, Fritz only has two endorsements, the Oregon Nurses Association and the Communication Workers of America. That's still twice as many as Nolan, who recently sent out a press release touting her International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48 endorsement, but it's nearly as many as we said.

Fritz herself called to point out the error, which was big of her. She hopes to pick up more union endorsements as the campaign continues.

Meanwhile, unions have still not picked sides in the Portland mayor's race, however. Now that Police Chief Mike Reese has decided against running, they and everyone else should soon realize that the field is set, with the major candidates limited to Eileen Brady, Charlie Hales and state Rep. Jefferson Smith.

Pssst! Did ya hear about this?

Most Oregon voters don't know it, but Democratic and Republican committees are constantly running negative campaigns for the U.S. senate and congressional offices. Hardly a week goes by without reporters receiving emails attacking both parties' candidates - or just the incumbents when no elections are underway.

For example, since Republican Rob Cornilles won his party's nomination in November for the 1st Congressional District race, the Democratic Party of Oregon has sent two emails criticizing him. And the Republican National Campaign Committee has regularly blasted Democratic 5th Congressional District Rep. Kurt Schrader since he was elected in 2008.

Few, if any, of the emails have ever generated news stories or editorials. Most are so insiderish that the average voter wouldn't know what to make of them.

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