Letters - Dec. 1, 2011


New Seasons, others thanked for support

To the Editor:

We have many reasons to be grateful this time of year, so it feels appropriate to give thanks to our community for donating so generously to the Lake Oswego Meal Network (Meals-on-Wheels Program). During the month of October, New Seasons Market Mountain Park Store partnered with the Lake Oswego Meal Network Advisory Board for the third annual Fall Harvest Fundraiser. New Seasons Market customers were asked to 'buy lunch for a senior.'

The generosity of these shoppers continues to amaze us. A record amount of $10,229 in donations was received. This represents more that 2,500 meals for homebound and disabled Lake Oswegians. Since more than 20 percent of homebound meal recipients cannot afford to donate toward the cost of their meals, this is a significant step to assure that no senior in Lake Oswego goes hungry or suffers from social isolation.

New Season Market Mountain Park Store has been an incredibly generous partner and deserves special thanks for all of its assistance in this collaborative project. In particular we wish to thank Claudia Knotek, New Seasons Market community relations manager, and Debra Meadow, New Seasons Market community coordinator, and for the Mountain Park Store. We also wish to thank the volunteer Lake Oswego Meal Network Advisory Board volunteer members and the volunteer Meals-on-Wheels drivers who staffed the event. Lastly, a special thanks to the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce for hosting the kick-off event and for contributing generously.

Thank you for joining together for a great local cause and for making this fundraiser so successful. We are fortunate to live in such a giving community.

Andrew Harris is chair of the Lake Oswego Meal Network Advisory Board and Ann Adrian is the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center manager.

'What is right is subjective …'

To the Editor:

I found Frank Hall to be quite greedy and presumptuous in last week's streetcar opinion piece. His side 'won' on the 4-3 vote, but that's not good enough.

I would imagine he can't be happy if his football team just wins, they would have to win 100-0. He asserts and assumes that the three voting against the project lack intelligence and common sense since they didn't vote his way.

To that fellow, leadership is going against popular opinion and doing what is right. The only problem being that what is right is subjective and open to interpretation. Each of those three nay votes could have been voting in opposition to what their friends and families wanted, making their votes courageous within their circle.

Most votes are likely to please some and anger others. Leadership is walking folks through your thought process and convincing them that your vision for them is the right one.

Bob Stewert

Lake Oswego

Caption with chicken photo was upsetting

To the Editor:

I was horrified when I read, in the photo caption above the article 'Fired up for a holiday feast' (Neighbors section, Nov. 24), that (said that) the Northwest Contexture Church's smoker/grill was 'filled with chickens.'

'Omigod!' I exclaimed, envisioning chickens packed in the smoker/grill, squawking their heads off. Then I realized the caption meant to say 'chicken,' as in the meat of chickens.

What if the meat was pork? Would the caption have read, 'filled with pigs?' - or if beef, 'filled with cows?'

Forgive an aging English major for falling back on old habits.

David Hedges

West Linn

Regarding sculputure of the elephant

To the Editor:

It's on the south side of A Avenue

Between the bank and the tire store,

More like a restored fossil,

A creature once among us,

And we only have this ruin

To tell us of the grandeur of an age.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Sheriff says thanks for voter support

To the Editor:

You can learn a lot about people from the choices that they make, especially when times are tough. When money is scarce, you find out what people really value: Whether they are saving for their children's education or cutting back on fancy dinners.

That is why I am so profoundly grateful to you, the citizens of Clackamas County, for voting on Nov. 8 to approve Measure 3-378 by a three-to-one margin. Your support will allow us to continue critical law enforcement functions that help keep you safe.

These include keeping jail beds open that have allowed us to reduce the number of prisoners released early into the community by 91 percent, maintaining regular police protection for more than 150,000 county residents and continuing a nationally recognized drug task force.

We were able to implement all of these programs starting in 2006, when you first voted to approve our public safety levy. By voting to see them continue, especially by such a wide margin, you have demonstrated what you value: The safety and well-being of your family, your neighbors and your community.

In return for your extraordinary show of support, I promise to continue running an open, honest and transparent organization that spends each tax dollar that you entrust to us wisely and with the goal of giving you the best possible service.

By working together, we really can make a difference.

Craig Roberts

Clackamas County Sheriff

Community needs to work together

To the Editor:

I am still very much in favor of the streetcar in downtown Lake Oswego. I do not answer telephone surveys, and therefore, would never expect to see my 'vote' reflected in a random sample poll of 300 people.

I wholeheartedly agree that our elected city council volunteers are charged with more than just responding to a poll of 300 random people. I would point out that if you understand what a margin of error is, that particular poll offers no mandate of any kind.

What I want from our elected representatives, in addition to maintaining city services, is definitely a vision of the future and plans for dealing with future challenges. The traffic on Highway 43 is awful now. We don't need to wait an additional 15 years to see how bad it will be. The opportunity to fix this problem is here now. It will improve our lives and our city.

I went recently to a city council meeting with the intention of voicing my support of the streetcar but I was so discouraged, angered really, by the level of distrust and the vitriol, I left. More than anything, I would like to return to a place of rational discussion, openness to new ideas and a bent toward problem solving. I value our community and I still trust that working together, we can continue to see improvements to this city.

Carol Stout

Lake Oswego