OSU announcer Mike Stone recovering after latest health problem


The public-address voice of Oregon State football and basketball for the past 15 years won't be at the microphone Sunday when the Beavers play host to Montana at Gill Coliseum.

Mike Stone is back at his Portland home after a week-long hospital stay following an apparent stroke and seizure.

Stone, 65, suffered separations to both shoulders and a fracture to the right shoulder in a fall at his home. When his son, Jeff, found him on Nov. 22, covered with blood and lying face down in his bedroom, doctors theorize he may have had what they believe was a stroke as long as 48 hours earlier.

After two days in intensive care, primarily to ensure that his kidneys would not malfunction, Stone spent five more days at the hospital before his release on Tuesday.

It's another in a series of health problems for Stone since 1999, when he underwent radiation and two surgical procedures to remove tumors from his neck and behind his right ear. The radiation stemmed the cancer but affected his saliva glands, blood vessels and veins, and in 2005 Stone had surgery to remove all of his teeth as a result.

'It's been an interesting ride,' said Stone, one of the most recognizable voices in the state among sports fans, with experience as the radio voice of University of Oregon football and basketball and as PA announcer for the Trail Blazers and Portland Beavers. 'This one caught me off guard and scared the hell out of me.'

Stone, who suffered no paralysis with the apparent stroke, is taking seizure medication and is prohibited from driving for six months. He has friends who will serve as chauffeurs, however, and intends to be back at the mike next Friday when Oregon State plays host to Idaho at Gill.

OSU's PA voice had planned to retire after calling OSU football and baseball through the 2012-13 season.

'I've been having some problems with my throat and voice, and didn't want (the Beavers) to have to make an ugly decision,' he said. 'I hope I can still work that long, but if I can't handle it and do the job right, I'll quit.

'In 40 years in the business, very few people have treated me as well as the folks at Oregon State. I won't do anything to embarrass the university.'