Anglers hook large trout in Johnson Creek in 1921

Just the Other Day…
by: photo courtesy of the Troutdale Historical Society Officials saved the Lover’s Oak tree in Troutdale 70 years ago, only to see it destroyed in the Columbus Day Storm 21 years later.

1911 - Cities could make a quite a few bucks a century ago by licensing saloons. The rate for a license in Estacada was a whopping $1,500, a fee that paid most of the town's expenditures. Saloon fees in Troutdale were $400 to $600 each, and the city got by quite nicely without having to levy taxes.

1921 - Local residents were catching 15- to 16-inch trout out of Johnson Creek 90 years ago. Fishing was then permissible year-round in such streams. In Portland, Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France was at a banquet at the Multnomah Hotel for 500 people. He was here partly to thank Americans for entering World War I. Among his honor escort was Sgt. Ross E. Reed, a former Outlook employee.

1931 - The greatest war film made to date, 'All Quiet on the Western Front,' based on the book by Erich Maria Remarque, was showing at the Gresham theater 80 years ago. Special effects were provided in the form of 20,000 pounds of black powder and 6 tons of dynamite, giving the effect off shellfire and mine explosions. The filming required 6,000 bombs exploded on the battlefield, which was confined to 20 acres of land in the Irvine ranch near Los Angeles. Five hundred shells of various sizes were launched. Twelve flamethrowers were also pressed into action and the film company borrowed two German howitzers, trophies of local American Legion posts.

1941 - It was good news in Troutdale 70 years ago when authorities in Washington, D.C., announced that the Lover's Oak, also called the Praying Tree, would be spared in the construction of the new aluminum plant near the Troutdale airport. The tree was saved. Authorities even built a fence around it, but the old oak was blown down in the 1962 Columbus Day windstorm.

1951 - Gresham High grad Dick Murray was in town 60 years ago with a new bride on his arm. She was Sharon Lucas, one of two Lucas sisters, who were cover girls on Collier's magazine and who performed in film. The Collier's article said Sharon Lucas and her sister, Shirley, rode 'looking like angels and riding like the devil with hives.'

1961 - City councilors from all three communities, Fairview, Wood Village and Troutdale, met 50 years ago to talk about consolidation of the three towns. It was reported that the majority of those present were in favor of the idea. One of the hang-ups then of this oft-studied notion, was what to do with the large areas of unincorporated land between the communities.

1971 - Rep. Don Stathos and other bike enthusiasts opened a 5-mile bike trail along Powell Boulevard from Southeast 91st Avenue to Gresham 40 years ago.

1981 - Toys for Christmas at Zim's store 30 years ago: Pulsar Man of Adventure, Disney Lil Yakkers, Lego Fuel Pumper, Tonka pickup and Fisher Price animal mix-ups, all $2.99.

1991 - The employment picture 20 years ago: Despite massive layoffs at Reynolds Metals Co. and Fabricland, employment was relatively stable. The Fabricland closure and the Reynolds shutdown amounted to 930 jobs lost.

2001 - Fujitsu in Gresham laid off 530 workers in late November 10 years ago, announcing that it was moving operations to Japan. On brighter note, Troutdale opened its new sewer plant.

2010 - 'You have to be tough to live in Corbett,' wrote Bev Law to the editor at this time last year. Law recounted standing in 50 mph wind gusts to watch a lighted Christmas parade, then standing in more freezing cold to sample chili and sing like she meant it.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.