by: Portland Police Bureau Portland Police Chief Mike Reese (from left), Officer Darke Hull, Susan Voegtlin and Officer Brian Sweeney visit James McCabe at Oregon City’s Maple Lane mobile home park after saving his life of Veterans Day.

An Oregon City man reunited last week with two Portland police officers and a nurse who helped save his life on Veterans Day.

Jim McCabe, 74, a resident of the Maple Lane mobile home park, collapsed in line at the McDonald's in the Hollywood District before the neighborhood's parade began on Nov. 11. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, McCabe was preparing to participate in the parade as part of the American Legion Flag and Honor Guard.

Officers Darke Hull and Brian Sweeney, also in line at McDonald's, saw McCabe fall and immediately called for medical personnel to respond and began performing CPR, assisted by Susan Voegtlin, a hospice nurse who also happened to be at McDonald's. The officers continued CPR on McCabe until medical personnel arrived and transported him to a local hospital.

McCabe, recovered and back home on Maple Lane Road, got a chance to thank his rescuers as Chief Mike Reese handed out awards.

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