Student jumps from balcony onto WLHS holiday tree


A West Linn High School student repeated a daring tree jump on Dec. 1.

The student jumped from inside the school on the school's balcony onto a tree set up in the school's media center, causing it to fall.

Each year, the school's Associated Student Body/Student Leadership puts up a holiday tree in the media center. This year, they were able to get a 14 to 15 foot tree donated by one of the school's families. The tree had just been set up and was not yet decorated.

On Dec. 1 during break time at approximately 10 a.m., a student climbed over the railing on the center's second floor and dropped onto the tree. Luckily, no one in the crowded area was injured.

According to Principal Lou Bailey, no other students were involved in the prank and no students were disciplined who may have recorded the incident.

The student who jumped was immediately identified and brought to the office where administration notified the parents, Bailey said. The parents met with school administrators.

Bailey said he could not share what disciplinary action was taken or the age of the student. No charges were filed against the student, West Linn Police Sgt. Neil Hennelly said. Discipline could range from suspension to expulsion.

'This incident is very serious in that the student put himself at risk of injury as well as putting other students at risk who were sitting and standing around the tree,' Bailey said. 'The school took immediate action as we do not believe this action can nor will be tolerated, in addition, any action of a student that creates an unsafe environment for anyone will be dealt with accordingly with severe disciplinary consequences.'

Bailey said the stunt was a disruption to the school and the student's actions have been dealt with.

A similar incident occurred back in 2007, which was recorded. In that case, the student was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. He was also expelled but reinstated a month later.

Unfortunately, this repeated prank has had an effect on the entire school - no more holiday tree, Bailey said.