Council: Look out for our interests


An open letter to the Lake Oswego City Council:

You are obviously not listening to the will of the people in Oswego. The vast majority of the people I have spoken to are sick of the development and spending that the city has delved into over the past decade. Many of the spending projects you have indebted the citizens too in Oswego have been ill advised. Need I mention: West End Building, two completely remodeled high schools (funded through a bond levy with the Lake Oswego School District and not the city) when the declining demographics showed we could not fill more than one, and athletic fields that have to be rented out to other communities to make them affordable and streetcars.

I really thought you were supposed to be looking out for the best interests and wellfare of the majority of people in Oswego, not the developers and other special interests. You are squandering the scenic beauty and livability of Oswego for profit that goes into only a very few pockets. Did you ever stop to consider that the natural beauty of Lake Oswego is why a lot of people move here and Oswego's relatively short commute to downtown Portland? Why do you need to keep building parks when living in Oswego is like living in a park? Have you ever considered the livability factor of cramming more and more people and cars into the same amount of space and the longer and longer commute times and frustration to get around town? How about the livability factor of lower taxes - not higher ones - just because you want to spend money?

Now you want to make an allowance in the building codes to allow buildings of up to seven stories tall in the Foothills area. Are you crazy? You are going to be blocking people's views of Mount Hood. You are going to be taking away everybody's view of the states most magnificent mountain that drives down A Avenue. You have already diminished the view of Mount Hood by planting trees in the center meridian on A.

But obviously it appears that you don't know or understand some of the simple enjoyments of living in Oswego. I was disheartened when trees were planted in the center meridian on A Avenue taking away the view of Mount Hood, now you want to take away the rest of the views of Hood so a few can make money. You people who make these decisions in the name of progress will probably move on to someplace else after a few years like others have done and the rest of us that remain have to live with the ever-mounting follies you perpetrate on us.

Lake Oswego has been the jewel of the Portland area all my life and still is today. But maybe progress could be measured better by the smell of clean crisp air, blue skies, light traffic, lower taxes and expansive views of Mount Hood for everyone's enjoyment?

Stephen T. Boone is a lifetime resident of Lake Oswego.