Induction ceremonies make nice reunions
by: Cynthia Brewington Sports Editor John Brewington at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Iknew I'd have to give a little speech when and #8200;I was told I was going to be inducted into the Scappoose Boosters' Hall of Fame. I didn't know it would keep me up nights and make my voice quiver.

Even so, I am most appreciative to Mike Hoag, Bob Broberg, and #8200;Pete McHugh and the rest of the kind folks on the committee.

I've always liked Hall of Fame ceremonies, if only for the reunion factor. You know, the 'what are they doing now' thing.

I remember Elise Burch as a speedy, nearly unstoppable lead-off batter. When she left for college in Kentucky, her dad told me she had called home nine times the day she got there, and then he paused, picked up his phone, looked at the screen and said, 'ten.'

Elise is now a dentist in Beaverton. She came back home after graduating with honors, enrolled in dental school, and had her old softball coach Dr. Mike Hoag as an instructor.

Cortney DuPrees, a marvelous pitcher, is now a teacher at McKay. If I heard correctly, Jan and #8200;Willemse is an architect. I remember him from the 1973 and 1974 football and basketball seasons. It was also my introduction to football coach Jim Bernhardt. The old coach would make the presentation to Willemse.

For my part, I wanted to talk about those coaches over the years that have meant a lot to me for a variety of reasons. Bernhardt was among those. Dick Busch, was also there Saturday. Some of the others that came to mind for me were Bob Broberg as a coach and athletic director, cross country and track coach Jim and #8200;Vella, Mike Hoag, of course, and more recently David Harley and Sean McNabb.

There are coaches I didn't mention, but it was the longer tenured ones that I remember most. All the coaches at Scappoose have been great. I did forget to mention Bill Covlin--I just forgot to write it down.

I also remember hundreds of kids and many, maybe most of them have gone on to great careers and achieved a lot in sports and many other endeavors.

Scappoose should be very proud of the quality of coaches and teachers they have. They help kids grow up, teach lessons about sports and life, and how to deal with things in life.

Just the look on Mike's face when he made the presentation to Elise was a reason for going. He was about to cry, and as I think about it so was I.

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