Troutdale police provide Sandy a patrol car for a very low price


Christmas came early for the Sandy Police Department this year.

The city of Troutdale Police Department decided to give Sandy a good used vehicle - a car that can be put on Sandy streets to chase speeders and catch criminals, or take them to jail.

This benefits Sandy because the local police department's budget didn't include enough money to pay for new replacements for any of its oldest patrol cars. A new vehicle with the police package and accessories costs approximately $42,000.

When you don't have enough cash, what do you do? No, you don't borrow; you trade.

The Sandy Police Department traded something it normally sells to other law enforcement agencies - time on its leased pistol firing range.

And that's why it seems like an early Christmas gift.

The bottom line is that Sandy gets a Ford Crown Victoria (a former Troutdale patrol car) by trading a service that won't cost the city more than it is already paying.

'This car will become a Sandy patrol car,' said Sandy Sgt. Shawn Burns. 'It will be issued to one of the officers.

'The brand new cars slipped out of our budget, so we have to do something to supplement the car supply that we have.'

The car became surplus to Troutdale mainly because of mileage along with a few other factors, said Troutdale Police Lt. Joel Wendland.

The vehicle is of high value to Sandy because of the use the city will get for a very small price.

'For the (small) amount of money we'll end up spending,' Burns said, 'we'll get a lot of use out of it.'

Besides use as a patrol vehicle, another likely use for this car is the transport of prisoners to the Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City.

When the car is received, it will be painted and trimmed to match the department's other vehicles.