Poker club story draws appreciation

Thank you, Jim Hart, for writing a piece about my potential business venture ('Sandy man gambles with new venture,' The Post, Dec. 7).

I wasn't even aware that something would be written up about my meeting with the mayor and city councilors. I appreciate the gesture.

However, you didn't mention the most important fact in this matter: I'm a 35-year-old man who's been disabled since birth, living a life of relying on governmental assistance for every aspect of my life.

I sit on a dozen or so councils advocating for those particular services. So my vision for this business venture is to definitely provide for the city of Sandy, but also to provide for myself and (to help me) become an equal taxpaying contributor to my community, instead of relying on a government that repeatedly cuts services (my way of life).

As an Oregonian, do I not have that right?

With profits from a social gaming poker club, I intend on opening a second business (durable medical equipment/wheelchair shop) in Sandy.

I look forward to the January meeting with the mayor and city councilors to discuss this in more depth detail.

I have a couple things I'd like to add.

and #8232;• The 'unruly patrons' comment was in regard to the potential/presumed increase in police issues. If my patrons are not served alcohol and if I have posted rules of conduct, then there will be no need or desire by patrons to become a problem.

• In a roundabout way, your statement about me 'trying to characterize my business as good for the city's economy' is correct. It will be another business paying city taxes to help provide for Sandy.

I want to say thank you for writing this article, and I invite you to write follow-ups as updates in this matter as they become available. But please include all of the important pieces in these articles so the readers are as equally informed as everyone in attendance at the City Council meetings.

Joseph Lowe


* Editor's note: Joseph Lowe's letter first appeared as an online comment at with the news story about his interest in opening a social gaming poker club in Sandy. His comment is printed here with permission as a letter to the editor. This story produced a dozen online comments, both supportive and in opposition. Please visit our website to read all of the comments.

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