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by: Outlook Archives Women could get ‘a slip with all the trimmings’ at J.C. Penney’s if it was on their Christmas list in 1951.

1911 - Oregon imported 15 Wyoming elk 100 years ago to be transplanted to a 2,500-acre fenced pasture in northwestern Oregon.

In Troutdale, a mass meeting was set for Dec. 27 to discuss an offer from the Oregon Water and Power Company to provide electric light for the whole town.

1921 - Nearly a month after an ice storm struck the Columbia River Gorge 90 years ago, Troutdale was finally thawing out. Telephone and power poles were back to vertical. Trains were running again, but Troutdale celery farmers had missed the chance to ship their product to the big Thanksgiving market in the East.

1931 - Showing films was a potentially volatile process 80 years ago because movie film was flammable and easily ignited. The film broke at the Gresham Theater that week, came into contact with the arc current of the projector and exploded. Film projection booths were fireproof then for good reason, and the fire was confined to the booth, though projection equipment was damaged and 4,000 feet of film was lost.

1941 - Unlike today's instant wartime communication, people at home heard very little direct information from the fronts in Europe and the Pacific 70 years ago during World War II. Mrs. LaFay Pace of Gresham got this cablegram from her husband from Midway Island: 'O.K. Love. LaFay.'

1951 - 'A slip with all the trimmings' was on J.C. Penney's Christmas list 60 years ago. (See photo.)

1961 - 'President Kennedy is being criticized, we think unfairly, for the call-up of reserves in connection with the Berlin crisis,' the editor wrote 50 years ago. The recent major incident of the Cold War, it was a fracas with the Soviets over Western armed forces in West Berlin and resulted in the Berlin Wall.

1971 - 'Drug use said reduced,' was The Outlook headline 40 years ago, quoting Gresham school superintendent Harry Thompson.

A wild deer busted through a window at the Gresham Mall, apparently smitten with Santa's reindeer. And D.B. Cooper was in the news. An expert quoted in The Outlook said he knew how Cooper jumped from the plane. The expert said Cooper was reputed to be a smoke jumper and probably knew how to land in a tree.

1981 - Oxbow Park ranger Charlie Ciecko wrote a guide on how to use the park east of Gresham 30 years ago. And in the Columbia River Gorge, the team directed by the National Park Service went through the gorge studying sites and naming historic sites. Among those noted were the Fred Luscher barn at Bridal Veil and the old mansion at Coopey Falls, home to the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist.

1991 - Local homeless agencies bought the old Willow Tree nursing home on Division Street to use as a shelter 20 years ago. And, it was 20 years ago that U.S. law was changed allowing hospital patients to sign advance directives regarding their care. And in Corbett, the U.S. Forest Service closed the Camp A Loop road, which led to the headwaters of Corbett's water source.

2001 - Gresham police were cracking down on gangs 10 years ago after the shooting of two cousins, Carmelo Lopez Gonzales, 23,and, Hector Gonzales Lopes, 16, in Rockwood. In Fairview, the first murder in 20 years, the killing of Minit Mart clerk Thomas Chase, shook the community.

2010 - Snow, lots of it, was thrilling ski resorts at this time last year. Timberline had a 67-inch base. Sandy's Edna Haneberg was 100 years old. Now she's 101 and still going strong. And Sam Barlow High students produced more than a ton of food goods to feed the hungry in East Multnomah County.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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