Woman says thanks to mayor, police chief


Consider it an early Christmas present.

A Gresham couple, impressed by the city's response to police cars being damaged by a hammer-wielding Occupy Portland resident, has sent a thank you note and a check to the Gresham Police Department.

In the thank you note, dated Dec. 5, Cheryl and James Grigg asked that the enclosed $200 check be passed on to the police department's benevolence society.

'I was so impressed with how you and the mayor responded to the billing of the person and organization of Occupy Portland,' Cheryl wrote, underlining the word 'so' for emphasis. 'Have a great Christmas.'

The note refers to a visit that Gresham Police Chief Craig Junginger and Mayor Shane Bemis paid Nov. 10 to the Occupy Portland encampment in downtown Portland. The two hand-delivered an invoice billing Occupy Portland for $1,546.52 in damage reportedly caused by an Occupy Portland resident two days earlier.

Portland police arrested Richard Allen Fuller, 47, on allegations of second-degree criminal mischief after he reportedly used a hammer to damage the marked Gresham cruisers parked near the Multnomah County Circuit Courthouse. The cars were downtown because two officers were testifying in a domestic violence assault case.

'I am continually humbled by the generosity of Gresham residents,' said Bemis of the donation and words of thanks. 'While this is a community that places a high value on prudent expenditure of funds, I have found that citizens like Ms. Grigg are always willing to step up and help out their community. Her donation to the Benevolence Fund will support the talented men and women in the Gresham Police Department, who work extremely hard to keep our community safe.'

Occupy group to adopt family for Christmas

Occupy Gresham has teamed with SnowCap Community Charities to adopt a family for the Christmas season.

The People's Assembly of Occupy Gresham - a local branch of the international movement against economic injustice and social inequity - said the humanitarian move is an integral part of its founding principles and a demonstration of its pledge to the community and its residents, said Dave Hendrickson in a press release.

Occupy Gresham also hopes 'that this random act of kindness will inspire others to follow suit,' Hendrickson said.

The group met Saturday in the Rockwood Library conference room to collect wrapped gifts.

For more information, visit occupygresham.org or search for 'Occupy Gresham' on Facebook.com.