Guest editorial by Tom Geil

In the 166-year proud history of the oldest city west of the Mississippi, we have now experienced a not-so-proud moment in history.

In the words of one of our community's pundits only a few months ago, I am embarrassed. I am embarrassed that it is truly a sad day when a handful of manipulators can so confuse and mislead the electorate so that the majority of citizens don't even care to vote, enabling those easily influenced citizens the opportunity to put a halt to critical thinking, appropriate questioning and review of documentation vital to the successful progress of our city.

What started back in May in Park Place as a political takeover of our neighborhood association by individuals outside our city limits, has now worked its way to our city leadership. This will not culminate until those few profiteer individuals have complete control of the heart and soul of our City Commission and Urban Renewal Commission.

To many it is the demise of integrity, independent thinking and political reality. At City Commission and in local media, those who have maligned one of our honored volunteer city commissioners are now calling for healing and moving forward in a positive manner. Isn't that just a little late? The damage has been done with one good person, Jim Nicita, having been vilified with half-truths and fabrications, and a whole segment of our community feeling kicked to the curb. I don't know if Oregon City will ever heal as long as a profit-minded minority continue their imprudent manipulation of not only the City Commission, but now go after the Urban Renewal Commission. As long as their insolence continues, there can be no healing in Oregon City.

With 16,637 registered voters, not even 20 percent approved this recall. It kinda speaks volumes to the need to occupy Oregon City. When 1 percent of the population can so confuse 20 percent of the electorate by baffling them with fabrications, then its time for the other 99 percent to start wising up to the fact that they are being duped.

All is lost when you can recall anyone for asking appropriate questions or for taking a stand on issues. Who's next?

This has never really been about jobs. There were no jobs promised to Oregon City residents alone. It was strictly about profits for a few.

Jim, we will miss your intelligence, insight and integrity - values sorely missing in most politicians today and unquestionably in your opposition.

We can only hope for the sake of this city, that our leaders will not succumb to the dictate of these injudicious individuals to appoint the rubber stamp they would like to take your place. For if they do, there may be another uprising.

Tom Geil is a resident of Oregon City's Park Place neighborhood.

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