Apartment fire causes $7,500 in damage, no injuries


An apartment fire on Bonita Road caused about $7,500 in damage to a room but there were no injuries Tuesday evening thanks to the quick action taken by an alert tenant.

Firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue and the Lake Oswego Fire Department responded to the Hunt Club Apartments at 6125 S.W. Bonita Road at 6:46 p.m. Tuesday.

A resident taking out the trash had heard a fire alarm nearby and traced the noise to another apartment, where he could see smoke and a red glow, TVF and R reported. He called 9-1-1 and started knocking on doors to clear out neighbors.

When firefighters arrived, they found many residents of the 254-unit complex had been safely evacuated after a tenant had activated an alarm pull station.

'Because of the quick activation of 9-1-1 by an alert tenant, and aggressive intervention by firefighters, this fire did not spread to other units in the complex and property damage was limited,' Cassandra Ulven of TVF and R said. 'This is exactly how the alarm system is designed to work.'

A fire investigator determined blankets and bedding had been placed too close to a baseboard heater. The tenant was not at home when the fire started.

Hunt Club Apartments managers have participated in the past in Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue's landlord training program, which educates property owners about ways to mitigate fires and reduce their severity by identifying access issues, building deficiencies and unsafe tenant behavior.