Everyone was cheering and screaming. This looked like the year the Lakers would win the championship. We've been here before. Many of us know firsthand the hard work of the boys who have come before - the sweat, the determination, the bond of teammates. Each year has had their great moments and great players.

This year seemed extra special. The same little boys who had been running along the sidelines for years tossing the ball back and forth were now seniors in high school: Stevie and Alex. The spirit of the school was proud and strong. The cheer team kept the crowds fired up no matter how cold the day. The dance team was sensational at half time. The boys came out and played hard the whole game, like they came out to win!

When the final score was posted with a 47-14 win for LO, there was hardly a dry eye in the stadium. Everyone was yelling, 'We did it! We finally did it!' And you know, it was a funny thing. We all felt like we were a part of it.

For years, coach Coury, Karl, Frank, Newc, Rich, Jake, Jeff and the staff have taught our boys so much more than football skills. They have built a program that has made all of us proud of our students, our school and community.

There was a young couple in front of us, too young to have a football player yet. At the end of the game the woman said, 'I know what Steve is saying to the boys, 'Do the right thing. Make good choices. Love your family.' We smiled because we, too, have known these words.

This win was so much more than a score. It was the feel good moment, when you know you have been blessed to live in this community and you want to be a better person and do the best you can.

Steven Long said, 'It is a Cinderella story!' One that will indeed be told forever! Thank you, coach Coury and the 2011 Laker football team, for a wonderful season, for the joy and excitement you brought to us all. Go Lakers!

Ed, Christina and Ed Wagner live in Tualatin.

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