Longtime Beaverton city councilor wont run for another term

Cathy Stanton will conclude her role at end of 2012

Cathy Stanton, the longest-serving member of the Beaverton City Council, announced today she will not run for another term as a councilor.

She said she will fulfill her duties as councilor through the coming year, but will not run in the spring primary election or fall general election.

Stanton, whose first term started in January of 1994, has served on numerous committees, developing a keen awareness of the issues facing the city, said Mayor Dennis Doyle.

'Cathy has been such a great advocate for our community,' he said. 'Her leadership, insight, compassion and historical knowledge of our community will be sorely missed on the dais.'

The issues she focused on most intensely, according to city officials, include:

· maintaining the city's infrastructure;

· Beaverton's Neighborhood Program;

· managing area growth and livability;

· promoting a viable business community'

· promoting intergovernmental cooperation; and

· traffic and transportation;

'Cathy believed that by addressing our challenges head on and by working together, we could overcome any issue,' Doyle added. 'She has been tireless in her efforts on our behalf and I've always appreciated and respected her collaborative approach to local government.'

Invested in transportation issues, Stanton served on a multitude of committees charged with exploring the strategies that could benefit Beaverton and our region. These include the Westside Economic Alliance Transportation Committee, Community Action of Washington County and as a Beaverton delegate to the Metropolitan Area Communications Commission.