by: Photo courtesy of Westmorelander John Foyston

One of the City of Portland's three historic railroad engines, SP and S #700, steamed up on the afternoon of December 1st after a big overhaul - on its way to Oaks Park, to power the Holiday Express excursions through Oaks Bottom December 2-4.

For several weeks, the front of the locomotive had been jacked up in the Brooklyn Roundhouse on two 75-ton screw jacks, as the front truck was rebuilt; all the driving rods, valve links and brake rods were piled on the floor.

Some 20 volunteers put in hundreds of hours the prior week getting the huge locomotive ready.

The famous Daylight engine, SPO #4449, was to take its turn pulling the Holiday Express railcars between Oaks Park and OMSI on the following weekend (see separate story).

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