Tribe wins wrestling battle with St. Helens in Rainier

Lions don't match up well and win just two matches; Tribe also downs Rainier
by: John Brewington  FIRST UP—Scappoosse freshman Cody Jackson took control at 103 pounds and went on to pin Cole Snider of St. Helens in a match at Rainier last Tuesday night.

The Scappoose Indians beat St. Helens and Rainier in a four-way endowment wrestling match at Rainier on Tuesday night.

Scappoose didn't have many problems with the Lions, posting a 60-11 dual match win. It was a little closer with Rainier, but the Indians still came out on top 46-33. The Indians didn't wrestle R.A. Long due to Washington rules about total matches allowed per wrestler.

'We wrestled pretty well against Rainier,' Scappoose coach Jim Jones said. 'Rainier is very physical. Right now the team is pretty young and we don't match up that well physically. They're pretty good technicians, so it was a good experience for us.'

Jones noted that St. Helens didn't match up with St. Helens very well, resulting in a bit lopsided score.

Double winners for Scappoose included Cody Jackson at 103, Taylor Walden at 113, Chris Wagner at 126, Ryan Bond at 145, Isaiah Goodrich at 170, Luke Milles at 182, Bailey Apon at 195, and Dustin Ray at 220.

The Lions would bounce back to beat R.A. Long 43-30, and wrestled Rainier closer in a 48-33 loss.

Asked about the effort against Scappoose, St. Helens coach Mike McCoy said, 'I was a little disappointed. I thought we would wrestle better. We had match-up problems with Scappoose and they were ready to go and we weren't. We wrestled better against R.A. Long and Rainier.'

The Lions had two wrestlers with wins in all three matches-Jon Luttrell at 138 and Jerek Pense at 152.

Both teams will wrestle in the Northwest Duals at Westview (or other nearby schools) Dec. 28-29.

Scappoose 60, St. Helens 11

106-Cody Jackson (Sc) pinned Cole Snider (SH), 1:45; 113-Taylor Walden (Sc) pinned Jessie Vanderwall (SH), :50; 120-Justin Herring (Sc) won by ff.; 126-Chris Wagner (Sc) won by ff.; 132-Jonathan Tardif (Sc) dec. Andrew Duggan (SH), 10-4; 138-Jon Luttrell (SH) pinned Dustin Vance (Sc), 4:46; 145-Ryan Bond (Sc) pinned Jacob Cottman (SH), 1:13; 152-Jerek Pense (SH) tech. fall Michael Lohman (Sc), 21-6; 160-Jojo Duran (Sc) pinned Gage Degraffenreid (SH), 1:52; 170-Isaiah Goodrich (Sc) dec. Zilen Nicholes (SH), 8-4; 182-Luke Mills (Sc) dec. Jonah Asher (SH), 3-0; 195-Bailey Apon (Sc) dec. Dustin Ford (SH), 5-0; 220-Devin Ray (Sc) pinned Gabe Farmer (Sc) 3:35; 285-Jabin Pedro (Sc) pinned Nick Rohring (SH), 3:39.

Scappoose 46, Rainier 33

103-Cody Jackson (Sc) pinned Earlywine (R), :11; 113-Taylor Walden (Sc) pinned Larson (R), 3:27; 120-Harrel (R) pinned Justin Herring (Sc), 3:57; 126-Chris Wagner (Sc) pinned Thomas (R), 1:04; 132-Aberly (R) dec. Jonathan Tardif (Sc), 8-6; 138-Schmunck (R) pinned Dustin Vance (Sc), 5:40; 145-Ryan Bond (Sc) pinned Coulter (R), 1:22; 152-Balden (R) pinned Michael Lohman (Sc), :52; 160-Shipley (R) pinned JoJo Duran (Sc), 3:46; 170-Isaiah Goodrich (Sc) major dec. Rose (R), 12-2; 182-Luke Mills (Sc) pinned Laurenson (R), 1:14; 195-Bailey Apon (Sc) won by ff.; 220-Devin Ray (Sc) won by ff.; 285-Osterman (R) pinned Jabin Pedro (Sc), 5:03.

Rainier 48, St. Helens 33

106-Earlywine (R) pinned Cole Snider (SH), 5:55; 113-Johnson (R) dec. Vanderwall (SH), 5-2; 120-Harrel (R) won by ff.; 126-Thomas (R) won by ff.; 132-Aberly (R) pinned Andrew Duggan (SH), 1:44; 138-Jon Luttrell (SH)pinned Schmunck (R), 2:23; 145-Coulter (R) pinned Jacob Cottman (SH), 5:14; 152-Jerek Pense (SH) pinned Balden (R), 1:29 160-Shipley (R) pinned Gage Degraffenreid (SH), 1:31; 170-Zilen Nicholes (SH) dec. Rose (R), 9-7; 182-Jonah Asher (SH) pinned Laurenson (R), 1:58; 195-Dustin Ford (SH) won by ff.; 220-Gabe Farmer (SH) won by ff.; 285-Osterman (R) pinned Brady Johnson (SH), 1:14.

St. Helens 43, R.A. Long 30

106-Cole Snider (SH) pinned Arsted (RAL), :39; 113-Collins (RAL) pinned Jessie Vanderwall (SH), :44; 120-Hydrek (RAL) won by ff.; 126-Tanner Ackerly (RAL) won by ff.; 132-Andrew Duggan (SH) pinned Rich Clark (RAL); 138-Jon Luttrell (SH) major dec. McKinna Yates (RAL), 10-0; 145-Jacob Cottman (SH) major dec. Austin Stone (RAL), 13-4; 152-Jerek Pense (SH) tech. fall Aiijders Smiley (RAL), 16-1; 160-Jason Deane (RAL) pinned Gage Degraffenreid (SH), :42; 170-Zilen Nicholes (SH) won by ff.; 182-Jonah Asher (SH) pinned Brandon Brokma (RAL), 1:15; 195-Dustin Ford (SH) dec. Tima Pisachrik (RAL), 5-0; 220-Skyler O'Brian (RAL) pinned Gabe Farmer (SH), :34; 285-Nick Rohrig (SH) dec. John Smith (RAL), 7-3.