Make a succulent terrarium, a miniature garden requiring little maintenance
by: Lisa K. Anderson A succulent terrarium is a low-maintenance miniature garden.

Today The Post concludes its do-it-yourself holiday gift ideas with succulent terrariums, which are miniature gardens made of sand, succulent plants, colorful mosses and other small, decorative items.

Once you've collected the supplies, succulent terrariums are easy to make. They're a foolproof gift for even the least of green thumbs, as they require little maintenance.

What you'll need for the terrarium:

• An open glass container, preferably from a thrift store, and large enough to fit several layers of materials.

• Washed and kiln-baked sand and/or decorative sands without salt residue.

• Miniature succulent plants (multiple for a large container).

• Speciality moss or lichen that will contrast the color of your succulents.

• Decorative additions of rocks, shells, feathers or other tiny treasures.

What to think about while buying terrarium supplies:

• Contemplate colors, textures, plant shapes and sizes.

• Look for plants of varying heights.

• Remember that contrasting colors make a terrarium pop.


• Place the plant directly in the container and build the terrarium around its mini pot, or pull the plant out of its mini pot and shake some of its soil loose. Succulents do not need soil.

• Fill the container part way with sand and create spots for the plant(s). To add more dimension, layer different colors of sand.

• Once each plant is situated, layer more sand around them until the roots and soil aren't visible.

• Play with the landscape surrounding the succulent, adding moss and/or lichen and other small decorations.

Terrarium care:

• Succulents need little water; either misting them once a week or watering them a little bit at their roots every three weeks is sufficient.

• The terrarium should be placed near a window that gets indirect light exposure.

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