Family hosts synchronized light display at farm just north of Forest Grove
by: Chase Allgood

In the old days, setting up a synchronized light display required expensive gear and a fair amount of technical know-how. Now, thanks to advances in computer technology, anyone with a personal computer and a lot of persistence can pull it off.

Still, Darin and Barbara Miller go the extra mile, or at least an extra 40,000 lights, which they synchronize to music and then broadcast through an FM radio station.

Their dazzling 'Lights of The Grove' display is located north of Forest Grove, at 6341 NW Kansas City Road. (That's just north of Kemper Road, where Thatcher Road turns into Kansas City Road).

The display is on the west side of the road and the couple asks visitors to pull off to the east side and dim their headlights (but leave on parking lights for safety) while viewing the spectacle.

Then, by tuning a car radio to 96.7 FM, the magic begins.

The annual display will continue through Jan. 1, from 5 to 10:30 p.m. on week nights and 5 p.m. to midnight on weekends.

The website,, warns that high winds or heavy rains may cause the display to be temporarily shut down for safety, but generally Darin is quick to fix any minor glitches.

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