Give us a holiday from morality


The season is upone us where we here in Lake Oswego (as well as many other places around the country) again face the absurdity of a 'holiday tree.' At best, this is 'political correctness' run amok (noting that there is frequently nothing 'correct' about PC).

Let me suggest that things like the 'holiday tree' are signs of the success of the extremists in our society to erode standards that stand in the way of their objectives.

Regardless of what some say (and probably hope), the United States of America is a Judeo-Christian nation. The success of our country, from before its formation, is due, in large part, to the values imparted by the dominant religions. I will note that (almost) all the religions over time and around the world have morality and proper treatment of others as major tenets.

Ponder that morality is generally defined to include honesty, integrity and fairness to fellow man. These are major obstacles to some politicians in their efforts to force various schemes on the citizens. By replacing the 'Christmas tree' with the 'holiday tree,' these politicians have removed a reminder of the baseline religion of the country - and all those pesky morality issues that are part of religion.

If certain politicians, and their backers, succeed in removing religion from the mainstream of our society, actions like stealing private property (under a guise of something like 'sensitive lands'), or directing our tax money to projects that enrich private companies, will not be measured against historical standards of morality. Consider how much less bothersome Jack Hoffman's 'potential' conflict of interest would be if not measured against standards of morality.

In 2012, we (the voters of Lake Oswego) will have the opportunity to clean up city hall and restore honesty, integrity and transparency to our city government. We might even get our Christmas tree back.

You can also send the city council and mayor regular emails, and make phone calls and visits, expressing your opposition to spending our money on things like Foothills and the streetcar: Perhaps you can ask them to give us relief from these burdens (as well as 'sensitive lands') as Christmas presents.

In the meantime - I wish you a Merry Christmas - and extend best wishes to those who do not observe Christmas.

Dave Luck is a resident of Lake Oswego and a member of COLA-LO.