To the Editor:

I am writing to personally thank Bob Barman, who is a member of the Lake Oswego School Board. As a parent of three children at various grade levels, I've seen the impact that Bob has made with his 'children first' attitude.

I'm grateful that he has embraced the idea of a Spanish immersion program at the elementary level. My 4- year-old son will benefit by becoming bilingual and bi-literate. I'm also grateful on behalf of my children at Lakeridge and Waluga. Bob has been a champion for my children and all the children in this community.

Thank you Bob for going to Minnetonka, Minn., to observe best practices, including their language immersion programs. As a Spanish immersion teacher at a Beaverton elementary school, I've personally seen children achieve second language fluency by the fifth grade. This is a huge advantage in the global economy. Bob, thank you for advocating for equality and parity at both high schools. Thanks for your push for innovation and creative thinking on ways to bring additional revenue to our district.

Bob is truly a leader who takes on the hard issues and fights for the children of Lake Oswego no matter which side of the lake they live on. He has been a great addition to the school board and an advocate for our children.

Maria Belcik

Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

I would just like to thank our school board for its service to our community. I am truly impressed with the dedication of new board member Bob Barman to open doors for new programs and to continue to keep our schools competitive with our neighboring school districts.

Thanks Bob for helping keep the progressive vision of this district alive.

Vixie Jones

Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

Thank you Bob Barman for your strong leadership on the Lake Oswego School Board. You are truly an advocate for all of our children.

Your thoughtful and innovative approach to problems will help the LOSD more effectively tackle the tough issues that lie ahead.

Heather Laird

Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

As a mom of three young boys in Lake Oswego I wanted to send a big thank you to Bob Barman. I have been attending school board meetings for more than three years and never have I seen the initiative that Bob brings.

He has listened to what myself and others believe and taken action to make sure our voices are heard. He is the face of progressiveness, courage and leadership that this district needs now more then ever. Because of Bob I have hope for my children's future and the future success of our schools.

Thank you Bob for listening to me. Thank you for caring. And most of all thank you for having the courage to stand up and get the job done.

Briana Bastian

Resides in Portland and the Lake Oswego School District

To the Editor:

We are very grateful to have Bob Barman on the Lake Oswego School District board. Excellence in any organization requires Kaizen - the continuous quest to be better than the year before. Bob is contributing to this effort by his willingness to ask the questions that need to be asked and by raising the issues that need to be addressed. We have been to numerous school board meetings and work sessions where Bob has challenged assumptions and contributed innovative ideas. His business experience and long-standing involvement in the community is a tremendous asset to the school board.

We are specifically grateful that he devoted several days to fly to Minnetonka, Minn., to learn about a highly successful language immersion program, at his own expense. And while other people were concerned about the cost of implementing an immersion program it was Bob who pointed out a way the language immersion program can become a net revenue source and thereby benefit every student in the district. Bob works tirelessly for every LOSD student.

Thank you Bob for putting yourself, your time and your own money on the line for my three children. We need your passion, curiosity and courage now more than ever.

Heather and Bill Graham

Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

We want to thank Bob Barman for his innovative leadership since joining the Lake Oswego School Board earlier this year. Bob has learned about and advocated on tough issues that will keep our district competitive and evolving, even amidst this uncertain funding climate.

Bob understands that the rules of the education game in Oregon have changed as open enrollment allows families choice regarding which school district to send their children (and state education dollars). Bob has spent his own time and money researching what comparable school districts have done to turn the tide of declining enrollment. He is advocating for new, cost neutral programs that will attract more families and students to Lake Oswego.

At the same time, Bob is addressing tough internal school district issues including the lack of equity in course offerings between Lakeridge and Lake Oswego high schools. Bob's efforts are exactly what are needed for the Lake Oswego School District to remain the best in the state while achieving financial sustainability.

Thanks again, Bob, for putting children first.

Jennifer and Todd Prager

Lake Oswego

Jennifer is a member of Advocates for World Languages. Todd is a member of the Lake Oswego Planning Commission. The views expressed here are those of the Pragers alone.

To the Editor:

I am writing to recognize and thank Lake Oswego School Board member Bob Barman for his dedication and work on behalf of the students and future students of Lake Oswego.

The community should be aware that Bob invested his personal time and expense (along with board member Teri Oelrich) in traveling to the Minnetonka School District in Minnesota to observe the best practices in another similar school district, with the hope of bringing new ideas to Lake Oswego.

Bob has been a tireless advocate for elementary world languages and improving the academic options at Lakeridge High School. Bob also continues to seek new ways for Lake Oswego to sustain, and even improve, its well-earned reputation for education excellence, even in the current constrained budget. I hope the residents appreciate the dedication and creative thinking that Bob has brought to the school board.

Steve G. Milla

Resides in Portland and the Lake Oswego School District

Kudos to Barman for his efforts

To the Editor:

A special thanks to Bob Barman for bringing fresh ideas to the Lake Oswego School Board.

As LOSD parents, my husband and I are grateful for your work to ensure equity at the high school level. As parents of a kindergartner who is also learning Mandarin Chinese, we thank you for seeing the value in Early Language Immersion Programs as a way to bring more revenue to the district.

These improvements will help maintain state of the art learning at LOSD. Your voice is really standing out to be someone who understands what it will take to get our district to the next level.

All we can say is 'wow.'

Thanks so much.

Cindi and Mike Moyle

Lake Oswego

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